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Alabama 4-H Archery target

Archery involves a fascinating group of sports for people of all ages. The fundamentals are simple, the requirements are few. 4-H members coached by a trained 4-H S.A.F.E. archery coach can be shooting fairly well within a short time.

Archery is the most ancient of shooting sports, with cave drawings depicting hunters in pursuit of game. It has moved into the age of technology, but it continues to be a sport involving hand-eye coordination, consistency, and the need for practice to become proficient. Basic knowledge and awareness of common safety considerations are necessary for safe, responsible, and fun participation in 4-H S.A.F.E. Archery programs.

Competition has a place in 4-H S.A.F.E. as a celebration of the life skills (teamwork and communication) and essential elements (mastery, independence, belonging and generosity) that have occurred within the context of a 4-H S.A.F.E. club setting. Education and positive youth development, not competition, should drive 4-H S.A.F.E. clubs. Each shooting sports discipline offers a state championship event, and the first place senior team may be eligible to attend the National 4-H Shooting Sports Championship. Alabama 4-H also offers a summer invitational tournament series as part of the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery.

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