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Fixed-Radius Plots as Inventory Method in Southern Forests

…iques are available to land managers, the use of fixed-radius plots (FRPs) for forest inventories is common in southern forests.

Fixed-radius plots are usually circular with plot sizes commonly reported in fractions of acres (1/10 acre, …

4 min read

Kudzu Control in Forests, Rights-of-Way & Natural Areas

…ates. Its aggressive and smothering growth habit makes it a serious weed problem in many noncrop environments including forests, rights-of-way, and natural areas. Kudzu control is often difficult and may take several years of aggressive tre…

5 min read

Management of Hardwood Forests for Timber in Alabama

Alabama’s hardwood forests provide clean water, great natural beauty, recreational opportunities, timber, and habitat for thousands of plant and animal species. Half of all standing timber in Alabama is hardwood and two-thirds of all fore…

9 min read

A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

…e hesitant to harvest their timber, much less spend money on planting, herbicides, or other treatments to improve their forests. Forest management, therefore, must be viewed an investment for the future. Although no one can foresee the exac…

15 min read

The Virginia Opossum: Our Only Native Marsupial

…ightened, the opossum is a creature with a unique place among Alabama’s wildlife. As other animals are vanishing from forests in the United States, opossums appear to be flourishing due to their remarkable ability to adapt.

8 min read

Forest Roads and Construction of Associated Water Diversion Devices

… importance of forest roads and consideration of their proper design is frequently neglected by forest landowners. Some forests such as wilderness areas and other forests managed on a custodial management regime do not permit or require roa…

6 min read

Recent Rains Ease Wildfire Threat

…ed wildfires.”

The team is concentrating its efforts in the Wiregrass region, as well as all of the state’s national forests.

“People can expect to see us at the Peanut Festival, county fairs and other public meetings,” Hatch said. “W…

2 min read

Identification of Snakes in Alabama for Forest Workers

…ake. The state fine is a maximum of $500 and a maximum of 6 months in jail or both.
Working in Alabama’s forests means that you will come across a variety of wildlife, including snakes. On average, about one person dies from …

5 min read

Fire Alert Issued in Alabama, Use Caution

…ot recommend burning right now. The only exception would be a site-prep burn with the right personnel and equipment. In forests, the likelihood of injuring or killing trees with fire is high right now.”
Plenty of Fuel for Fires
Due to t…

3 min read

ForestHER Workshops

…p series created with women landowners in mind. This year there are a variety of workshop dates and topics. Learn about forests and woodland management in a relaxed, fun setting that is right for you. 

For more information contact:

1 min read

Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team Impacts 2018

…he latest science-based information available to make decisions regarding the management of natural resources.

Forests cover over two thirds of the state. Significant contributions to Alabama’s economy are provided from these for…

9 min read

Wood Ashes for Lime and Potash

…ner series.

Most people associate wood ashes with the popular term for potassium fertilizers—potash. Vast areas of forests in the eastern United States were once burned to produce potash for shipment to Europe. This was used as the mai…

2 min read

Numbers of Women in Ag on the Rise

… successful.”


Extension also has the ForestHER program—ahands-on workshop to help women learn about forests and forest resource management. Dr. Becky Barlow, an Extension forestry specialist, developed the program in an …

3 min read

SmartMap Education Program

…ldlife enthusiasts interested in mapping their properties for improved recreation
Recreational users who need to map forests for biking, hiking, or roads
Consulting firms needing a basic introduction to low-cost GIS and UAV technology…

3 min read