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Trout Producers and Dealers

Alabama Aquarium and Pond Services
P.O. Box 360334
Birmingham, AL 35236
(205) 663-6888
(205) 478-9710 cell
Lee County
Southeastern Pond Management
Kedric W. Nutt  and David Kastner
9944 U.S. H…

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Timetable for Pond Owner Services

…iologists will provide information and advice concerning fish kills in recreational fishing ponds.  Pond owners should contact their district biologist immediately if fish are sick and begin dying in their pond.  The district biologists w…

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Threadfin Shad Producers and Dealers

…ond Services
P.O. Box 360334
Birmingham, AL 35236
(205) 663-6888
(205) 478-9710 cell
Fax:  (205) 620-0808
Lee County
SE Pond Management
Kedric W. Nutt, David Kastn…

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Rip-offs and Fraud Cost Money

Get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of salespeople and companies.
Check out vendors’ reputations by contacting the Better Business Bureau, the state attorney general’s office, or an office of consumer affairs. Call the a…

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Jellyfish in Alabama

…at paralyzes small fish and other prey. It is this toxin that produces the severe burning sensation when people come in contact with jellyfish.

Treating Stings
As with bee and wasp stings, the severity of reaction depends on the speci…

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Goat Vaccination

…before implementing vaccination, as it is only one tool of many required to eradicate the disease from a flock or herd. Contact your veterinarian for more information about benign versus contagious foot rot in small ruminants.


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Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Biosecurity

… another. Close proximity of infected and susceptible animals is typically required for disease transmission.

Direct contact transmission of disease agents occurs when a susceptible animal directly touches an infected animal or its open …

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CHAMPION: Health, Nutrition, Exercise

…yPlate tool to help illustrate food choice and portion size concepts.


Contact Us
State Office

Alabama A&M University

Dr. Tamara Warren
(256) 372-4981

Urban …

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PCREP: Parent-Child Reading Enhancement Program

…does PCREP cost?

The PCREP program is absolutely free and classes are offered throughout the calendar year.

Contact Us
State Office

Alabama A&M University

Dr. Dorothy Brandon
Office: (256) 372-5458
Email: dpb0010@…

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Disease Management in High Tunnel Systems

… approach will often fail because fungicides tend toward specificity for a particular pathogen. For proper diagnosis, contact your regional Extension agent or submit a sample to your local Plant Diagnostic Lab.
Preventive spr…

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Business One on One

…neur is 45 (HBR, 2018).
In Alabama, small businesses employ about 776,000 people or 48% of the private workforce.

Contact a Business 1-on-1 representative
State Office – Alabama A&M University
Dr. Kimberly Sinclair Holmes

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Cotton Production Calendar

…er crops.


Finish picking. Gin.
Complete stalk destruction.


For more information, contact Steve M. Brown, Extension Cotton Specialist and Assistant Professor.


Download a PDF of Cotton Pro…

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Systems Approach to Beef Production: Developing a Basic Management Plan

…list of realistic goals, items needed to achieve them, time frame, key personnel, and resources.
Additional Resources
Contact your county Extension office with questions related to beef cattle management in Alabama. Use the following onli…

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Home Grounds: Urban Gardens and Sustainable Landscapes

… water conservation game: “Water You Doing.” Click for more info

What’s Bugging You
Coming 2019

Contact Us
Contact the nearest Urban Extension agent below for more Home Grounds information. Don’t worry if your count…

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