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Freeze Vegetables This Summer

…he steps necessary to successfully freeze and store vegetables. For more information, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your county Extension office….

2 min read

Food Safety, Quality in Home Canning are Important

…rably between 50°F and 70°

More Information
For more information about home canning safety and food preservation, contact your county Extension office to find out about classes near you. Read more about safe canning methods in Alabama…

3 min read

Drying Fruits at Home

…ns in some individuals. If this method is used, food should be dried outdoors for safety reasons. For more information, contact your county Extension office.
Drying Methods
Sun Method
Fruits are high in acid and sugars. This makes it saf…

6 min read

Food Safety for Southern U.S. Food Crop Producers After Flooding

…substance which may render it injurious to health…”.

Assessing Risks When Floodwaters are Present But Do Not Contact the Crop

How can safety be assessed if it is not clear if the floodwater Contacted the crop?
Sometimes it is…

24 min read

Pickling Foods at Home

For more questions on pickling or any other food preservation, visit Alabama Extension online at or contact your county Extension office….

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Nutrition Facts Panel Order Form

…ipe are listed as their raw (precooked) weight. Record the weight of the batch before and after cooking in the form.

Contact us if there are any unusual processing methods that may alter the NFP. Additional questions may be asked in rega…

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Grilling Up Food Safety for Memorial Day

…CAUTION:  Do not use disinfectant types of wipes for handwashing. These wipes are for cleaning and sanitizing nonfood contact surfaces and not hands or surfaces that will touch food.
Create your own handwashing station. If you do not h…

2 min read

Does the Seafood HACCP Regulation Apply to You?

…rinciples under standardized curriculum recognized by the FDA.

For more information on taking a seafood HACCP class, contact Alice Moore at or (334) 295-5959.


Download a PDF of Does the Seafood HACCP Reg…

1 min read

Make More from the Produce You Grow

…wberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, citrus, melons, plums, muscadines, and pecans. Producers are encouraged to contact individual businesses to learn their particular production needs (table 1).

How much produce can a producer…

4 min read

Starting a Food Processing Business: Good Manufacturing Practices

…e services.

Sanitary Operations. All buildings and equipment must be maintained in a clean, sanitary condition. Food contact equipment must be sanitized regularly. Cleaning and sanitizing chemicals must be handled carefully to prevent co…

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…, textbook, and exam. No refunds. Please register at least two to three weeks prior to the class.

Register Online

Contact your local Extension office for more information about upcoming classes.

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Alabama Cottage Food Law: Food Safety (Video II)

… When handling a ready-to-eat product, always wear gloves. Consider single-use nonlatex gloves to avoid allergen cross contact.
Do not handle ready to eat foods with bare hands. Storage of Your Finished Product
Make a place to store …

2 min read

Produce Safety Rule

…rvest use
Biological soil amendments
Domesticated and wild animals
Equipment, tool buildings and sanitation

Contact your county Extension office for information on upcoming trainings.

2 min read