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Advancing Bullying Awareness: Parenting Strategies for Addressing Cyberbullying

…here the message was posted or shared. Almost all sites have rules designed to prevent harassment. You usually can find contact information on a site’s home page. There is often an option to flag/tag a message, post, or photo as inappropr…

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Starting a Food Processing Business: Good Manufacturing Practices

…e services.

Sanitary Operations. All buildings and equipment must be maintained in a clean, sanitary condition. Food contact equipment must be sanitized regularly. Cleaning and sanitizing chemicals must be handled carefully to prevent co…

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Junior Master Gardener

… affiliated state partner universities.

Visit the National Junior Master Gardener website for curriculum resources. Contact your local Extension office for more information.




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4-H Yoga

…ose. Studies suggest that yoga can improve children’s attention, relationships, self-esteem, and listening skills.

Contact your local Extension office for more information.

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Uneven-aged Management of Longleaf Pine: An Often Overlooked Option for Landowners

…Natural regeneration of longleaf at the time was also generally unsuccessful. To germinate, longleaf seeds benefit from contact with bare soil, but fire suppression allows hardwood and other pine species, such as loblolly, to invade the rem…

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Ticks & Tick-borne Illnesses in Alabama

… yourself on the characteristics and symptoms of them all. Be aware of how you feel if you are at risk of coming into contact with ticks. Individuals that acquire these diseases may not develop all the symptoms listed, and the number and …

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Sugarcane Aphid: A New Sorghum Pest of North America

…toring. Once a field is infested, evaluate aphid risk twice a week to determine if and when to treat with insecticides. Contact local pest management professionals for information on insecticide choice and application timing.

Some sorghu…

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VIP: Volunteer in Urban Programs

…nhance your resume
Receive professional experience or training
Receive recognition for your hours of service

Contact Us
State Office

Alabama A&M University
Kimberly Neloms
Office: (256) 372-4585
Email: burgeki@aces.ed…

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Housing & Facilities for Dairy Goats

…electric netting or high tensile wire, while ensuring adequate grounding and preventing plants from touching the fence. Contact with or crawling under an existing fence can also be prevented by an added electric strand that is mounted 5 to …

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Biosecurity & Disease Prevention in Dairy Goats

… the addition of new animals. Other sources of infection include people, vehicles, or equipment with use on or previous contact with another goat farm.

Among the most effective ways to prevent the introduction of infectious diseases is t…

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Care During & Post Kidding In Dairy Goats

…not progress normally. Only experienced individuals should provide initial assistance with difficult deliveries. Having contact information for and a good working relationship with a local veterinarian is important for every goat farm. The …

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Water Corrosivity and Your Plumbing System

…d copper water quality test results are below their respective action levels. If the lead or copper levels remain high, contact a water quality professional for assistance.


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Using Grass Carp to Control Weeds in Alabama Ponds

…rmone injections force spawning. All sizes are available at any time of the year. For a list of producers in your area, contact your county Alabama Cooperative Extension System agent.

Grass carp are sold by commercial fish dealers across…

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Trout Producers and Dealers

Alabama Aquarium and Pond Services
P.O. Box 360334
Birmingham, AL 35236
(205) 663-6888
(205) 478-9710 cell
Lee County
Southeastern Pond Management
Kedric W. Nutt  and David Kastner
9944 U.S. H…

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Timetable for Pond Owner Services

…iologists will provide information and advice concerning fish kills in recreational fishing ponds.  Pond owners should contact their district biologist immediately if fish are sick and begin dying in their pond.  The district biologists w…

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