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Drought Preparation and Water Conservation

…that practice water conservation, such as restaurants that only serve water upon request.

More Information
Contact your local water authority or utility district, or your local emergency management agency for information specif…

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…AMBER Alerts, and threats to safety in your area. To find out if your mobile device is capable of receiving WEA alerts, contact your cellular service or check out
Ferderal Emergency Managemant Agency (FEMA)


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Kitchen Composting

…ly does composting benefit the homeowner but the urban community as well. For additional information on vermicomposting contact your regional Extension agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.
Dickerson, G. W. &…

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Emergency Preparedness: What Should You Do? Pt 1

…e and time that medication needs to be given. Original bottles can help in case of evacuation and if the need arises to contact the doctor for another prescription.

While on the subject of medications, be sure to include contact informat…

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Elements of Surprise: Don’t Get Caught Off Guard by E-Waste Contaminants

… kidney disease, and cancer.

Household lead waste should be disposed of according to local solid waste regulations.
Contact your local solid waste utility or local government for more information.
Cadmium is a chemical element…

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Drought Management Strategies for Sheep and Goats

… website
Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA): Drought Planning and Management in Alabama

Contact your local county Extension office for additional drought information.
Best Practices for Drought Management Pl…

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Disaster Planning for Persons with Special Needs

…ning their preferred method of communication ready to share with first responders or other strangers they might come in contact with during or after a disaster.

For example: “Hi, I’m (your name) and I have trouble hearing. Please spe…

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Emergency Preparation for Dogs

…gs behind, even if you try to create a safe place for them, is likely to result in their being lost, injured, or worse. Contact motels and hotels in communities outside your area to find out if they will accept dogs in an emergency; or cont…

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Help Children Cope

…ce or even ten times.
Hold your child. Provide comfort. Touching is important for your child during this period. Close contact helps assure a child that you are there and will not abandon him or her.
Watch your child at play. Listen to wh…

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Caregivers’ Guide for Sheltering and Evacuating

…lters require you to preregister.
To find out where your local special needs shelters are located and to preregister, contact your city or county emergency management agency. For more detailed information, visit…

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Stock the Basics for Emergencies

…before the storm. Power may be out after the storm, and pharmacies may be closed. Also don’t forget about denture and contact lens supplies.

Stock personal hygiene items. Include items such as toilet paper, towelettes, soap, liquid de…

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Produce Safety Rule

…rvest use
Biological soil amendments
Domesticated and wild animals
Equipment, tool buildings and sanitation

Contact your county Extension office for information on upcoming trainings.

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…ble PDF of 4HYD-2067 Cloverbud Adventure Curriculum.

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, contact Extension Communications and Marketing at 334-844-5696 or


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Manufactured Home Safety

…st or poured in place of a concrete slab.

Before sinking any anchors, locate the manufactured housing utility lines; contact Alabama One Call at (800) 292-8525. If you will live in a mobile home park, ask the park owner for anchor speci…

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Backyard Composting

…ish, lard, mayonnaise, meat, milk, peanut butter, salad dressing, sour cream, vegetable oil, yogurt, etc.
Aeration—contact with air by turning—provides oxygen to the microbes doing the work.
Biodegradability—the potential for be…

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