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Common Complications With Calving


A uterine prolapse is much more dangerous than a vaginal or cervical prolapse and must be treated as an emergency. Contact your veterinarian immediately. Cows with a uterine prolapse will die without prompt medical attention.

If a u…

4 min read

Controlling Fire Ants in Vegetable Gardens

…e are three approaches used to control fire ants in the lawn and garden:

treating individual mounds with a bait or contact insecticide
broadcasting a fire ant bait that the ants pick up and take back to the nest and feed to the quee…

3 min read

Grilling Up Food Safety for Memorial Day

…CAUTION:  Do not use disinfectant types of wipes for handwashing. These wipes are for cleaning and sanitizing nonfood contact surfaces and not hands or surfaces that will touch food.
Create your own handwashing station. If you do not h…

2 min read

Nonvenomous Snakes Can Pose a Health Risk

More Information
Find more information about snakes at Alabama Extension online. For further information, contact your county Extension office….

2 min read

Summer: Prime Time for Ticks

… & Tick-borne Illnesses, ANR-2315. For further information on ticks and tick-borne illnesses, visit or contact your county Extension office….

3 min read

Avoiding Poisonous Plants

…is sending people in droves to participate in many outdoors activities. In many of these instances, people are in close contact with plants. When camping, hiking, playing in the yard and even working in flower beds and gardens, people shoul…

3 min read

Alabama Water Watch Offers Alabama Rivers Educator Workshops

…online digital resources
Continuing Education Units from Auburn University

More Information
For more information contact Mona Dominguez with the Alabama Water Watch. Find more water resources on….

2 min read

Home Layer Flock Management Suggestions

…ding conditions will help avoid early disease problems. Older birds housed outdoors will be exposed to diseases through contact with birds such as sparrows and starlings that drink and eat from their pens. This is difficult to control.


5 min read

Numbers of Women in Ag on the Rise

…y can better understand forest inventories, mark property lines and make good business decisions.”
More Information
Contact your county Extension officeto find programs near you….

3 min read

Seedless Watermelons: A Sweet Summer Treat

…des further details about seedless watermelons. For more information, visit Alabama Extension online at or contact your local Extension horticulture agent….

2 min read

Beware of Invasive Pests

…e provided based on the findings. For more information on cost and services provided, visit Alabama Extension online or contact you county Extension office. The Auburn Plant Diagnostic Lab in Gulf Shores is the newest lab. Find more about t…

2 min read

Alabama Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Certification

…reparing & Storing Breast Milk: Tips for Child Care Providers, FCS-2342.

Download a printable promotional card.
Christina LeVert
In the News
Extension Launches Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare C…

2 min read

Pruning Produces Bigger Tomatoes

…better fruit and manage diseases.
More Information
For more information on pruning, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your local Extension office….

1 min read

Is My Farm a Hobby or a Business?

…le F profits in the last four years.

Consider whether this scenario sounds like you and your situation. If so, contact Alabama Extension educators who can provide resources and assistance.
Useful IRS Publications
IRS Farmer’s T…

3 min read

Benefits of Irrigation from an IPM Perspective

…n enjoy a plentiful harvest.
More Information
For more information, visit Alabama Extension online at or contact your county Extension office….

2 min read