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Alabama Commodity Feed Contact List

The Alabama Commodity Feed Contact list provides Contact information for brokers, dealers, feed distributors, and processing facilities around the Southeast.

Brokers, Dealers, and Distributors
ADM Animal Nutrition

Address: 22…

2 min read

Auxin Herbicide Contact Information

For more information regarding Auxin Herbicides, available training and if you have questions or concerns, call an Alabama Extension specialist or the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.
Steve Li

Extension Specialist…

1 min read

Controlling Armadillo Damage in Alabama

… leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae), but there has been no conclusive evidence that human beings can con-tract leprosy from contact with armadillos. The Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases in the Southeastern United States states:

…Whether h…

3 min read

How to Register for Buckmasters 2019

…ur family profile and register following steps 1–7 below. If you do not have a family profile already set up, you may contact your local county Extension office. Once enrolled, complete steps 1–7 below to register.
Non 4-H Member fro…

2 min read

Growing Tomatoes

…trol specific insect problems. Be sure to identify the insect to determine which insecticide to use. If you are unsure, contact your local Extension office for a recommendation. All insecticides should be used according to the directions on…

4 min read

Venomous Snakes of Alabama

…ontrol of Snakes in Alabama that has more information about the snakes that call Alabama home. For further information, contact your county Extension forestry, wildlife and natural resources agent….

4 min read

Massive Perennial Yellow Jacket Nest Located in Baldwin County

…e may last 10 or more hours, making the victim a potential target for other yellow jackets.

Ray encourages people to contact him by email at so he can document the nest and collect specimens. Ray and his partners will …

2 min read

Brown Marmorated, Red Banded Stink Bugs: Summer Crop Pests

… are going to be the standards for controlling this pest.
More Information
For more information on crop pest control, contact your local agronomic crops agent or visit Alabama Extension online.


Featured image courtesy of the …

3 min read

Must Have Lawn and Garden Resources

…and gardens. These can be found by visiting the Lawn and Garden page of the Extension website. For further information, contact your county Extension office….

2 min read

Blossom-End Rot Possible in Tomatoes

… county Extension office.
More Information
For more information on blossom-end rot, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your county Extension office.


Featured Image: M.E. Bartolo,…

2 min read

Protect Your Yard From Digging Animals

…large yards.
More Information
For more information on these and other garden pests, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your county Extension office….

2 min read

PCREP Family Fun Day Draws Record Crowd

…n Hill Primitive Baptist Church
WEUP 103.1 FM

Get Involved Next Year
To learn how you can participate next year, contact Dorothy Brandon, an Extension consumer science specialist at (256) 372-5458 or You may also con…

2 min read

July Heat Perfect For Planting Pumpkins

…management tools and suggestions and also many other topics.

For more information, visit Alabama Extension online or contact your county Extension office….

2 min read

Precision Ag Team Hosts Field Day July 30

… to register for the event.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
2612 Lane Park Road
Birmingham, AL 35223

Contact Brenda Ortiz ( for more information. Download a printable PDF of the Precision Ag Field Day f…

2 min read