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Knowledge can improve the enjoyment and safety of your home and property while ensuring the safety of Alabama’s environment. Extension teaches practical problem-solving for your home, lawn, and garden.

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Spring has Sprung!

Spring really is a time of wonder.  Our landscapes and nearby woodlands seemed drab and grey for several months.  Then suddenly,... more

Freeze Damage? - When to Prune

WOW, what a winter we have had. From short sleeves to parkas within the same week, we have certainly had... more

Cranking Up for Spring

Spring has sprung!  Although Jack Frost may still have one last remaining freeze up his sleeve, for all purposes spring... more

Green Grass on This Side of the Fence

​Question: My family and I have recently purchased a new home. All things considered, the home came with a beautiful... more

So Many Azaleas to Collect and Plant

Everyone needs a hobby and something to do, right? In no particular order, mine happens to be gardening, hunting, sports,... more

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Protecting Honey Bees From Pesticides
Protecting Honey Bees From Pesticides

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