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Farm SafetyFarm safety is a serious issue in the United States. The annual death rate for farm workers involving on-farm accidents is 20.3 per 100,000 workers nationally. Forty-six percent of all farm fatalities are from the use of farm tractors and implements used with tractors. Nearly one-half of farm fatalities from using tractors involve the tractor overturning. Between 75 to 85 percent of current overturns are to one side because tractors have a high center of gravity. Sudden turns at low or high speeds can cause a tractor to overturn to either side.

Please fill out the Alabama Farm Injury and Fatality Survey to help Extension collect data about injuries and fatalities in the state.

Rural Crime Reduction in Alabama—The 4-Point Plan (YouTube video)

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Alabama Farm Safety Management Plan - a self-help training program for farmers

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Catfish Production Safety for Workers


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Critical Information for Acreage Owners

Acreage owners are those individuals who do not farm but maintain one or more acres of land. Data show that the nonfarming population in Alabama experiences three to five fatalities every year from tractor use. It is critical that you know how to use a tractor safely! Please read the following information on safe tractor and implement use, especially about purchasing retrofit rollover protection structures (ROPS) for tractors.

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