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The resources on this page have been collected from around the web and the globe. Most are publications developed by universities and Cooperative Extension programs around the US. The resources are divided among the following categories. In addition to these be sure and check the links page for more web resources in these areas.

  Do it yourself Aquaculture system ideas

General Aquaculture

New Introduction to Aquaculture Video
North East Aquaculture Management Guide -(Good general info)
United States Aquaculture: The New Face of Farming Video
Great article about relationship between fisheries and aquaculture.

University of Florida Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences Publications

USDA-Economic Research Service Aquaculture Data

National Aquaculture Association

A Basic Overview of Aquaculture

Aquaculture Enterprises Considerations and Strategies
At a crossroads: Will aquaculture fulfill the promise of the Blue Revolution?
Fish Farming - Is it safe for humans and the environment?
FAO - State of the world fisheries and aquaculture 2006
The Blue Revolution - By Jeffery Sachs - July 2007 Scientific American

FAO - 2008 State of World Aquaculture

2005 US Census of Aquaculture

The History, Status, and Future of Aquaculture in the United States

General Aquaculture Timeline

Aquaculture Outlook 2007

Farming the Waters - aquaculture video

The Basics of Aquaculture Production U. of IL Extension

 Do it yourself Aquaculture system ideas

Do it yourself (DIY) vortex filter - from Youtube

Drilling Glass Aquarium videos

Constructing a Simple and Inexpensive Recirculating Aquaculture System for Classroom Use

Build a biological pond/tank filter using 55 gallon barrel from Blondie's Water Garden Web site

Do it yourself  (DIY) bead filter using 30 or 55 gallon barrel

DIY combination wet/dry filter using 30 gallon barrel

Link to 340 DIY aquarium and filter ideas

DIY aquarium cave


Aquaponics - find more on aquaponics in the links section

Aquaponics Presentation from eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop
New resourceAquaponics - How to do it yourself - Allen Pattillo
Symptoms of common nutrient deficiencies in hydroponic lettuce

Small Scale Aquaponic Food Production Integrated Fish and Plant Farming (FAO 589 - 2014)

Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Productions Systems: Aquaponics - Integrating Fish and Plank Culture - SRAC 454

Aquaponics power point presentation with voice over.  Aquaculture- An integrated fish and plant production system , 16Mb ppt (Streaming Version)

Aquaponic videos

Fresh Water Institute (FWI) Installation of a 880gal RAS

FWI Linking aquaponics system to 880gal RAS

Update on the tilapia and vegetable production in the UVI aquaponic systems (James Rakocy)

A Primer on Solar Aquaculture (New Alchemy)

Aquaponics - the integration of hydroponics with aquaculture (ATTRA)

Natural Gas Powered Aquaponic System - Design Manual (The Freshwater Institute)

Build a Mini Aquaponic System

Barrel-Ponics (a.k.a. Aquaponics in a Barrel)

Aquaponic food production book (ordering info)

Backyard Aquaponics Magazine
Aquaponics workshop - Cullman AL 4/11/17


Business Planning/Marketing

Virtual aquaculture workshop segment on aquaculture business planning and maagement
Cash Flow-based planning for aquaculture business. By Dr. Carole Engle.
Marketing Options for Small Aquaculture Producers (VO ppt)

A Basic Overview of Aquaculture (IL-IN-SG-102)
Is Aquatic Farming For You? (NRAC# 101)
Aquaculture: Realities and Potentials When Getting Started (SRAC# 441)
Considering an Aquaculture Venture?
Should You Attempt Fish Farming? Considerations for Prospective Fish Growers (VT420-897)
Business Planning For Aquaculture - Is It Feasible? (NRAC# 150)
Keys to a Successful Business Plan
Developing Business Proposals for Aquaculture Loans (SRAC# 381)
Marketing Options for Small Aquaculture Producers (AL-ANR-962)
Making Wise Choices When Direct Marketing Your Aquaculture Products (AS-464)
Economics of Recirculating Tank Systems: A Spreadsheet for individual Analysis (SRAC 456)

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Species - If you don't see the information you need click here for lots more species information and publications

Yellow Perch Culture
Sunfish Culture
Walleye Culture
Clam Culture
Oyster Culture

Bait Shrimp
eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop Proceedings

Species overview video presentation (trout, catfish, perch, tilapia)

Trout: Manual For Rainbow Trout Production on the Family-Owned Farm (George Klontz)

Tilapia Life History (SRAC 283)
Tank Production of Tilapia (SRAC 282)
Catfish Biology & Life History (SRAC 180)
Processing Catfish (SRAC 184)
Production of Hybrid Catfish (SRAC 190)

Production of Hybrid Catfish Fry - workshop manual - (MS State/USDA)
Largemouth Bass Life History (SRAC 200)
Baitfish Life History (SRAC 120)

Crawfish Production Manual - LSU

Trophy Bass Production in East Texas Ponds and Small Lakes - TX

Establishing and Ornamental Aquatic Plant Culture Facility - NJ
Aquaculture Species for the Northeast (NRAC# 130)
Common Freshwater Ornamental Fish Cultured in Florida (IFAS)
Seaworld's All About Fish
Fish Anatomy

Yellow Perch - Species Profile (SRAC 7204)

US Marine Shrimp Farming Program (link)

Production Technologies

Aquaculture Productions Systems Overview (14 min video presentation) Worksheets

Virtual seminar discussing, ponds, cages, raceways, recirculating systems, and aquaponics
Understanding and maintaining older classroo recirculating aquaculture systems
Repairing and upgrading older classroom recirculating aquaculture systems

Constructing a Simple and Inexpensive Recirculating aquaculture System ( RAS ) for Classroom Use ( SRAC 4501 )

Spawning Jars for Hatching Catfish

Artificial propagation of warm water finfish species- a manual for extension (FAO 201)

Aquaculture Systems for the Northeast (NRAC# 120)
Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: An Overview of Critical Consideration (SRAC# 451)
Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Management of Recirculating System (SRAC# 452)
Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Component Options (SRAC# 453)
Recirculating Aquaculture Tank Production Systems: Integrating Fish and Plant Culture (SRAC# 454)

The Economics of Recirculating Tank Systems- A Spreadsheet for Individual Analysis (SRAC# 456)

Basic Principles of Bio filtration and System Design ( Southern Illinois University )

Low-cost Bio filtration Systems ( Sea Grant- Hawaii )

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems: An Overview of Waste Management ( University of Maryland )

Principles of Water Recirculation and Filtration in aquaculture ( IFAS )

Sanitation Practices for Aquaculture Facilities ( IFAS )
What is Cage Culture? (SRAC# 160)
Caged Fish Production in Alabama (ANR 957)

Trout Culture in cages (KY Ext)
Florida Ornamental Fish Production (IFAS)
Raceway Production of Warm water Fish (IFAS)

Integrated Agri-Aquaculture Systems - A resource handbook (4Mb)

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Facility Design

Site Selection of Levee-Type Fish Production Ponds (SRAC# 100)
Watershed Fish Production Ponds- Site Selection and Construction (SRAC# 102)
Pond Recirculating Production Systems (SRAC# 455)

Comparison of Energy Needed to Heat Greenhouses and Insulated Frame Buildings Used in Aquaculture (IFAS# 1198)
Heat Pump for Heating and Cooling Water for Aquacultural Production (IFAS# 1096)
Evaporative Cooling System for Aquacultural Production (IFAS#EES-100)
Calculating Area and Volume of Ponds and Tanks (SRAC# 103)
Calculating Treatments for Ponds and Tanks (SRAC# 410)
Piping Systems (SRAC# 373)
Selecting the Proper Pump (SRAC# 372)
Airlift Pumps in Recirculating Systems (Technical article T-9-621 of the College of Ag. Sciences, Texas Tech University)

Micro controllers in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Water Quality

Virtual aquaculture workshop segment on water quality
Aquarium Set-up and Maintenance

Site Selection for Aquaculture: The Physical Features of Water

How to build a simple brine shrimp hatching system

A Primer on pH

HACH FF1A Water Quality Kit - Instructions in Plain English

Water Quality Power Point - What you need to know to keep your fish alive (U. of  Idaho)

Water Sources Used in Aquaculture (AS-486)
An Introduction to Water Chemistry in Freshwater Aquaculture (NRAC# 170)
A Fish Farmer's Guide to Understanding Water Quality (IL-IN-SG-97-2)
Ammonia in Fish Ponds (SRAC 463)
Nitrite in Fish Ponds (SRAC 462)
PH, Alkalinity, CO2, and Hardness (SRAC 464)
Ammonia (IFAS)
Beginners Guide to Water Management - Nutrients (IFAS)

The Worlds Water - Information on the Worlds Freshwater Resources

Pond Dynamics

Eutrophication animation (Rutgers Univ.)

Disease Management

Laboratories Approved to Conduct Diagnostic Testing in Support of Export Health Certification of Aquaculture Species (may also provide general diagnostics) 12/2012
How to design a biosecurity plan. 1/11/17
Virtual aquaculture workshop segment on fish disease

Yellow Grub (larval trematode) Video

What to do when your fish are sick, (including how to ship samples)

Introduction to Fish Health Management (IFAS 921)
General Fish Health Management (NRAC 111)
The Role of Stress in Fish Disease (SRAC 474)
Use and Application of Salt in Aquaculture (NCRAC 105)
Fish Health Inspections: What are They? (NRAC 113)
Ich or White Spot Disease (SRAC 476)
Aeromonas (SRAC 478)
Aeromonas Infections (IFAS)
Columnaris (SRAC 479)
Submitting a Sample for Disease Analysis (SRAC 472)
Use of Medicated Feeds for Food Fish (SRAC 473)
Bath Treatment for Sick Fish (IFAS)
Fish Health Mgt. in Recirculating Systems Part 1 - Introduction and General Principles (IFAS)
Fish Health Mgt. in Recirculating Systems Part 2 - Pathogens (IFAS)
Fish Health Mgt. in Recirculating Systems Part 3 - General Recommendations and Problem-Solving Approach (IFAS)
Fungal Diseases of Fish (IFAS)
Ich Infections (IFAS)
Introduction to Viral Diseases (IFAS)
Introduction to Fresh Water Fish Parasites (IFAS)
Iridovirus in Gouramis (IFAS)
Management of Hexamita in Ornamental Fish (IFAS)
Molds in Fish Feeds and Aflatoxosis (IFAS)
Monogenean Parasites of Fish (IFAS)
Mycobacteriosis in Fish (IFAS)
Nematode (roundworm) Infections in Fish (IFAS)
"Red Sore" Disease in Game fish (IFAS)
Sanitation Practices for Aquaculture Facilities (IFAS)
Spring Viremia of Carp (IFAS)
Streptococcal Infections in Fish (IFAS)
Use on Antibiotics in Fish Disease (IFAS)
Use of Formalin to Control Fish Parasites (IFAS)
Use of Salt in Aquaculture (IFAS)
Vibrio Infections in Fish (IFAS)
Use of Copper in Freshwater Aquaculture and Farm Ponds (IFAS)

Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) - Aquarist Fact Sheet

Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) - Angler Fact Sheet

Sustainable Aquaculture/ Environmental Issues

National Aquaculture Act of 1980

Environmentally Friendly Digital Aquaculture Library
Envrionmental Science Organization - advocate for environmental science education and careers.

Guidelines for Ecological Risk Assessment for Marine Fish Aquaculture - NOAA

Exotic Aquatics on the Move CD - U. of IL Sea Grant

National Agricultural Law Center- Aquaculture overview 11/5/09


US Aquaculture Society Fall 2006 Newsletter

US Aquaculture Society Spring 2006 Newsletter

National Warm water Aquaculture Center - June 2006

Alabama Fisheries Association - Jan. 2007


Fish Nutrition


Streaming Video Resources

How to design a biosecurity plan.
Is Aquaculture Sustainable? Mythbusting Feed, Food and the Future

New resourceCash Flow-based planning for aquaculture business. By Dr. Carole Engle.
New resourceSeafood in the Diet- Benefits and risks for farm raised and wild.
New resourceThe Regulatory Costs of U.S. Aquaculture Business_ Carole Engle
Aquaponics - How to do it yourself - Allen Pattillo
Fish on a Farm (NOAA)
Aquaculture in the Classroom
Growing and Maining Live feeds for Larval Fish (Yellow Perch) NCRAC

Recirculating Aquaculture System Made From Plastic 55 Gallon Barrels (complete)

Aquaculture Production Systems (2014)
Advanced Aquaculture Systems Part 1: PAS Partitioned Aquaculture Systems (2014)
Advanced Aquaculture Systems Part 2: In-Pond Raceways (2014)
Advanced Aquaculture Systems Part 3: Split Ponds (2014)
How to estimate large numbers of fish by weight (2015)
How to estimate large numbers of fish using volumetric displacement

2012 Review of Catfish Industry (The Catfish Institute)

United States Aquaculture: The New Face of Farming Video
New Introduction to Aquaculture Video (18 min SRAC video)
2012 eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop
(6 hrs of material)
2011 eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop (culture systems, culture species, aquaculture business, aquatic animal health)
A Virtual Tour of The Aquarium at Auburn High School

Aquaculture and Fisheries Career Exploration Series


Fisheries Student and Technician – Jonathan Brown

Extension Aquaculturist – Dr. David Cline

Catfish Farmer – Butch Wilson

Fisheries Biologist – Dr. Elise Irwin

Fish Man Who Has Done It All - Dr. John Jensen

Aquaponics: An integrated fish and plant production system - SRAC

Male channel catfish caring for new eggs

Hybrid Catfish Feeding in an in-pond raceway

Pond Ecology and the Role of Aquatic Plants - Penn State Cooperative Extension

Will the fish return - American Museum of Natural History Science Bulletin (4 min. video How Fishing gear and greed emptied the Georges Bank - Look in the Bio features section)

Invasive aquatic species - American Museum of Natural History Science Bulletin (8 min video Looking at the invasion of aquatic species in the St. Lawrence River - Look in the Bio features section)

Spawning Oysters by thermal shock - 2009 - PJ Waters

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems-AU seminar by Dr. Tom Losordo

NC State Fish Barn- Recirculating Aquaculture System 

Aquaculture Quality Assurance Video conference (1993)
Aquaculture Quality Assurance Video conference (1994)
Cooking Crawfish (1993)
Fish Pond Management Satellite Video conference (1992)
How to Clean Fish (1996)
Introduction to Inland Shrimp Farming in Alabama - Short Version (2007)
Inland Shrimp Farming in Alabama - Complete Version  (2007)
Management of Recreational Fish Ponds (1991)
More Ag related streaming resources


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