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Aquatic Resources team Workshop

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System aquatic resources team is dedicated to providing science-based information to support aquatic resource education and sustainable management for Alabama’s aquatic natural resources and aquaculture production systems.

Specialists on the team provide education in protection and management of water resources (both in quality and quantity) and all the biodiversity and industry this water supports. The team also provides resources to support marine and freshwater aquaculture, helping producers find new and more profitable approaches to raise and market fish, shellfish, and other aquatic products.

Incorporating aquaculture and aquatic sciences into youth education is an important component of Alabama Extension programing. With world class fisheries in Alabama, the team works closely with the state and federal agencies to provide Extension education in support of marine and freshwater fisheries. They also work with private landholders to help them meet their management goal for their pond fisheries. Most importantly, the team strives to provide information to Alabama residents to support the sustainable management of the state’s freshwater and coastal resources, conserving these resources for future generations.


Aquatic Resources Team

Name TitleSpecialty Area(s)
Team Coordinator
Anita KellyExtension ProfessorInland Aquaculture Production and Aquatic Animal Health
Team Members
Eve BrantleyDirector Water Resource Ctr Adm-AgricultureNatural Resource Ecology and Management, Water Resources, and Watershed Management
David ClineAssociate Extension ProfessorInland Aquaculture Production, Ornamental Ponds, and Youth Education
Jessica CurlAdministrator, Outreach Programs; Coordinator of the Private Well ProgramPrivate well water management
Mona DominguezResearch Associate IV and Director of Alabama Water WatchAlabama Water Watch and Youth Education
Taryn GarlockExtension Specialist and Assistant ProfessorAquaculture and Natural Resource Economics
Rusty GriceAdministrator III, Outreach ProgramsMarine Shellfish Culture and Oyster Production
Brianne MintonCoordinator, Alabama Drought Reach
Melissa PartykaAssistant Extension ProfessorCoastal Resource Management
Luke RoyAssociate Extension ProfessorInland Aquaculture Production
Andrea TarneckiAssistant Extension ProfessorMarine Shellfish Culture and Production
Phillip J. "P.J." WatersAssociate Extension ProfessorMarine Shellfish Culture, Oyster Gardening, and Recreational Fishpond Management
Rusty WrightExtension Specialist and Associate ProfessorNatural Resource Ecology and Management and Recreational Fishpond Management