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With the inclusion of aquaculture in the high school curriculum, teachers and administrators can provide students with a unique opportunity to explore through a "hands-on" approach some of our rich aquatic resources . Through aquaculture, students are exposed to:

* Biology
* Chemistry
* Physiology
* Water Quality
* Mathematical Skills
* Anatomy
* And any number of other scientific principles

In addition to these academic skills, students who participate in aquaculture programs develop "life" skills related to:

* Team Work
* Problem Solving
* Responsibility
* Animal Care

There are several hundred classroom aquaculture systems in place around the country ranging from a few 5 gallon buckets and aquaria to 10,000+ gallon high tech systems. Interest in Aquaculture as a teaching tool is booming. There is a wealth of information scattered about the web and in print but it can be confusing and unwieldy. The function of this site is to help provide some order to these resources and stimulate thinking about how these resources can be modified to suit your purpose.

The systems Basics page describes the key concepts and components of any recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) regardless of size.

The Systems in Place page is a directory of known systems in use throughout the country. There is probably one near you.

Our Collective is a group of educators involved or interested in the use of these systems that is willing to share resources, ideas and information. If you would like to join the collective sign the guest book and you will be notified when new information is available.

The Resources page is where you will find materials or links to materials that you can use in your classroom. These resources include photos, diagrams, lesson plans, power point presentations and eventually some animations and games.

The ever present links page is just that. Links to other valuable resources and information.

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