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NewUnderstanding and maintaining older classroo recirculating aquaculture systems
NewRepairing and upgrading older classroom recirculating aquaculture systems

NewNew Introduction to Aquaculture Video
(More SRAC Presntations and Fact Sheets)

New2012 eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop
Recordings and power points from this workshop include
Aquaculture: What is it? Is it Important? Why Should I Care? (30min)
Aquaculture Business Planning and Economics (30 min)
Pond Culture
Recreational Pond Management
Aquatic Plant Management
Yellow Perch Culture
Sunfish Aquaculture
Walleye Culture
Clam Culture
Oyster Culture
Aquaponics (60 min)

2011 eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop Proceedings This workshop is a 4 hour presentation broken into 15 minute segments many of which would make for excellent classroom presentations.  Topics include production systems (ponds, cages, raceways, aquaponics & Recirc); Species overviews (trout, catfish, perch, tilapia); Aquaculture business/marketing, water quality, aquatic weed management and fish disease.

Pond in a Bucket video presentation

(take a quiz, key, word search, ws -key)

How do you count fish? A demonstration of volumetric enumeration (Video)

Volumetric Enumeration Quiz

Volumetric Enumeration Quiz Key


How do you count fish? A demonstration of mass enumeration. (Video)

Mass Enumeration Quiz

Mass Quiz Enumeration Key

Mass Enumeration Word Search

Mass Enumeration Word Search Key

A Virtual Tour of the Aquaium at Auburn High School ( video )

What does an aquarium weigh (Word file)

What does an aquarium weigh (Excel file)

Video Tour Review Questions

National Council for Agriculture Aquaculture Curriculum Guide (Complete lesson plans)

Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture (4 units, 11-lesson plans)


Determining the nature of aquaculture

Origins and opportunities in aquaculture

Career opportunities in aquaculture

Red Drum Curriculum Module

Tilapia Curriculum Species Module

  Story of U.S. Farm Raised Catfish Coloring Book

Constructing a simple and inexpensive recirculating aquaculture system for classroom use (ie barrelponics)

Interactive flash presentation on how to build the small RAS system - View Online

(If you get part way through the presentation and the stop action video will not play you can download and show it separately by right clicking this link ( Building Barrel System video) and choosing "save target as" to save it to your hard drive and run it from there in a separate window.
Download Interactive presentation -PC or Mac Note: these files are in .zip format (30MB)

Printed step by step instructions and parts list for Constructing a simple and inexpensive recirculating aquaculture system for classroom use

Aquaculture Production Systems Overview

Aquaculture production systems overview - 14 min video presentation

Worksheet 1 - Systems review

Worksheet Key

Handout 2 - Aquaculture Prodcution Systems Quiz


University of Florida ( IFAS ) Aquaculture Curriculum for Educators - contains 8 complete modules with activities, power points, and support materials

Aquaculture and Fisheries Career Exploration Series


Fisheries Student and Technician – Jonathan Brown

Extension Aquaculturist – Dr. David Cline

Catfish Farmer – Butch Wilson

Fisheries Biologist – Dr. Elise Irwin

Fish Man Who Has Done It All - Dr. John Jensen


Lesson Plans

Grade Level Lesson Title
K-12 Classroom Activities from the New England Aquarium
PreK-3 Story of U.S. Farm Raised Catfish Coloring Book
K-3 Saltwater Density vs Fresh Water - The Weight of Water
k-4 Build a fish - body parts and camouflage - MARE Berkeley
K-6 The water cycle
K-6 The water cycle bracelet
K-6 The water cycle song
K-6 The Aquaculture Bracelet -Lesson Plan
K-6 Vertebrates vs Invertebrates
K-6 Web activity - Fish Olympics
K-6 Ocean Animal Aquarium - Teachers Guide, lessons and activities
K-12 Chicago's Shedd Aquarium Lesson Plans
1-3 Personal Aquariums - Art activity
1-5 Construction of a classroom aquarium - Language Arts, Math, & Social Studies

Interactive flash presentation on how to build a small recirculating aquaculture system- View Online
Download Interactive presentation

- PC or Mac Note: these files are in .zip format at apprx 30MB

Worksheet, Key, Quiz

2-6 Aquatic Habitats -  Exploring Desktop Ponds - Link to GEMS site
2-7 Fish Behavior Bingo - from
3-5 National Geographic - Aquarium Habitats Lesson Plan
3-5 A Fish Tale Lesson Plan - Osmosis and fish respiration
3-5 Something Fishy - The life cycle of a salmon
3-5 Underwater animals (insulating property of whale blubber)
3-5 Fishy Science - An Aquatic Life Unit for the 3rd-5th grade Classroom
3-6 3 lesson activities including Aquaculture, Rainbow trout tales, and pyramid power (nutrition and fish)
3-8 Pond in a Bottle
3-8 Water, Water Everywhere Water availability on conservation (National Wildlife Federation)
4-5 Aquarium Web Quest for 4th Graders

Biologist in training - hands-on exploration of aquatic habitats (US Fish and Wildlife service.  Includes:

BiT Activity Booklet

Aquatic Food Web

Build a Fish

Design a Fish

Scale Tales

Aquatic Lap Sit - Aquatic Adaptations

Deadly Multiplication Healthy Habitats

Go Fish Aquatic Adaptations

Stream Study

Complete (aquatic) Biologist in Training package with all components

4-8 Fish - Fish of the Great Lakes
4-8 Fish - Fins, Tales and Scales
4-8 Fish - Preserving Bio diversity
4-8 Fish - Fish Habitat
4-8 Fish - Great Lakes, Great Careers
4-12 The Wildlife Forever, State-Fish Art Project Lesson Plan, Something's Fishy Excellent 25 page lesson plan with activities and hand outs.
5 Wetland Web of Life
5 Precious Water - Is it a need, a right, or a commodity
5-7 Pond Ecology Curriculum - Yale Univ.
5-7 Beans About Water - The properties of water and changes in matter 5th-7th grade classrooms
5-8 Fish Farming Web Quest

Aquatic Times - Create Aquatic Theme newspaper

Link to more information about Project Wild Aquatic

5-10 Activity - Virtual fish tank - build your own fish
5-12 Salmon Dissection flash demo
6-8 Marine Aquaculture: Raising salt water fish in your classroom MIT Sea Grant
6-8 NOAA- Ocean Data Education Project - using data from NOAA to examine estuarine water quality
6-8 A Fishing Trip into the Aquaculture Industry - From the Learning Center of Team AgEd and FFA Learn
6-8 Coastal Connections Curriculum Unit (from Maine)
6-8 Water filtration - building a simple water filter
6-8 Mapping Fish Habitats - Link to GEMS site
6-8 Sea Change -(changing water temp vs air temp)
6-8 Drink up - (build a desalination still)

Bio diversity and global change: The Lobster Die-off.

Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

7-9 Aquatic Habitats
7-9 Something Fishy Web Quest - setting up an aquarium decision making
7-12 Constructing a simple and inexpensive recirculating aquaculture system for classroom use - a step by step guide.

Pond in a Bucket video presentation

(take a quiz, key, word search, ws -key)


Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture (National Council for Ag Education)

 Unit 1 - Is Aquaculture Sustainable

Lesson 1 - What does sustainable food production mean?

Lesson 2 - Living without enough protein

Lesson 3 - Protein from aquaculture

Lesson 4 - Competing for protein


Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture (National Council for Ag Education)

Unit 2 - Making Aquaculture Pay

Lesson 1 - Integrated aquaculture systems

Lesson 2 - Aquaculture around the world

Lesson 3 - Producing what people want


Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture (National Council for Ag Education)

Unit 3 - Aquaculture and the environment

Lesson 1 - Conserving water resources

Lesson 2 - Water quality

Lesson 3 - Who's eating the fish?


Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture

Unit 4 - Approaches to managing resources

Lesson 1 - Managing aquaculture resources

8-12 Physics of Saltwater Activities
8-12 Crawfish Farming curriculum module and teaching guide
8-12 Shellfish Aquaculture curriculum module/lesson plans
8-12 Baitfish Aquaculture curriculum module
8-12 Aquatic Plant Aquaculture
8-12 Carp Aquaculture curriculum module
8-12 Ornamental and tropicals
8-12 Red Drum Curriculum Module
8-12 Striped Bass curriculum - lesson plans
8-12 Sturgeon Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans
8-12 Tilapia Curriculum Species Module
8-12 Trout - Includes, Life cycle, opportunities, and production
8-12 Walleye Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans
8-12 Yellow Perch Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans
8-12 Crawfish Farming Aquaculture Curriculum guide 27pg.
8-12 Red Drum Curriculum Module
8-12 Tilapia Curriculum Species Module
8-12 Pond Water Survey Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan pdf, worksheet 1, wkst 2, wkst 3

Aquaculture production systems overview - 14 min video presentation

Worksheet 1 - Systems review

Worksheet Key
Handout 2 - Aquaculture Prodcution Systems Quiz
9-12 Fisheries and Aquaculture - NOAA
9-2 The Fish Trade - examine the interdependence of global trade in the context of the economic and social aspects of fisheries and aquaculture.

The National Council for Agriculture Education Aquaculture Curriculum Guide (See lesson plans here)


Spawning Oysters by thermal shock  - 5 minute video

Worksheets - Word Scramble, Word Scramble key, Quiz, Quiz key

Supplemental Reading

Cultivating the Eastern Oyster Crassostrea virginica

Oyster Hatchery Techniques

Oyster products food safety


Channel Catfish Lesson Plan Series w/ animations

4 Complete lesson plans with resources

Farming the waters, Channel catfish life history and biology

Brood fish Management, Feeding catfish in commercial ponds

9-12 Introducing Florida Aquaculture  Florida State Agriculture Response Team - includes lesson plan, power point and workbook
9-12 Bioluminescence and Deep Sea Camouflage - lab activity/lesson plan
9-12 Aquatic animal disease - Florida State Agriculture Response Team, includes lesson plan, power point and workbook
9-12 Lesson plans related to the AL Aqua science Elective Course
9-12 Aquaculture production in the classroom
Exploring Environmental Issues: Bio diversity is a new addition to the
PLT collection that uses bio diversity as a window through which
secondary students investigate the environment. Educators and students
get a broader view of concepts and larger connections - not just
biological, but political, cultural, ethical, and economic as well.
9-12 Classroom Aquaponics: Exploring Nitrogen Cycling in a Closed System Aquaponics
9-12 Interactions of pH, Alkalinity and hardness in water
9-12 Global Water Sampling Project
9-12 Something Fishy Web Quest - Students conduct research on the web and in print to establish a community aquarium system. Suggested level 9-12.
9-12 Going Global - global food needs of humans and production of that food.
9-12 Aquatic Ecosystem in a Bottle
9-12 Conch in the classroom (8 lessons with supplemental materials)

Biology Project "Gone Fishing" Very Cool web site

Oceanography through time

Careers in Oceanography

Other K-12 Aquaculture Curriculum Resources

Aquaculture curricula materials from State University of NY (SUNY) Cobleskill

Environmental and Aquatic on line game resources from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Aquaculture Curricula Resource Guide - A Resource Tool for the Aquaculture Educator

New England Aquarium - Education and Activities

Aquaculture Science Textbook by Del Mar Publishing

Farming the Waters: Aquaculture, Agriculture Education Video with sample clip DVD and Curriculum Material

C.O.O.L Classroom (Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory)

Kentucky State University - K-12 Aquaculture Education Teaching Resources
Education Resources for Aquaculture
Aquaculture software index
Sea Grant Ocean Sciences Education Center

Planet H2O on public television circles the globe to bring young viewers the story of the world's most vital resource

Aquaculture and Fisheries Management a new curriculum guide for aquaculture and fisheries science.

Maryland Sea Grant - Marine Science Education

Maryland Sea Grant - Oysters in the Classroom

Online Field Guide to Fishes


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