Alabama schools have been adding aquatic science programs to the classroom for a number of years. Presently, 50 Alabama schools have aquatic science programs. These aquatic programs are varied and range from small aquaria to elaborate recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Some have even incorporated ponds into their programs. A wide variety of species are cultured in these systems including catfish, tilapia, koi, goldfish, red claw crawfish, rainbow trout, red snapper, red drum, cobia and a variety of ornamental fish. Recently, some of the schools have added aquaponics, and are determining which plants can flourish in the systems. Teachers frequently relate that the students are so engrossed in working with the systems they forget that they are studying science and math. The students take a great deal of pride and ownership in raising the fish and learn responsibility by working with live animals. The principles involved in aquaculture can be related to many disciplines taught in the schools. The instructors utilizing aquatic systems in the classroom find them highly effective in translating academic principles so the students can see their real-world application.

This area of ALEARN is dedicated to educators. Educators are continually looking for new resources and different, more effective ways to present information.  This area will assist in the location and identification of resources that can be used in teaching aquaculture and other related aquatic sciences.  Resources include lesson plans, curricula evaluations, activities, access to resources, teaching materials, suppliers and new methods. If you have additional items or resources that could be added to our list or have special interests or request please contact us.

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