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Auburn University Marine Extension & Research Center

Shrimp boat tied up at the dock in Bayou la Batre
The Auburn University Marine Extension and Research Center (AUMERC), located in Mobile was established in 1988 when Auburn University added a research component to existing the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium’s Marine Advisory Program; established in 1977.  In 2003 the Auburn University Shellfish Laboratory (AUSL) was opened and is a sub-unit of AUMERC.  Faculty and staff are supported by the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures (FAA), the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES), the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium (MASGC) and through grant funds.

The mission of AUMERC is to apply scientific discovery through a responsive Extension program to address the long-term needs of the coastal economy, environment and society.  AUMERC’s coastal programs focus its efforts in four primary areas.  Within each of these four areas AUMERC faculty and staff implement research and Extension programs that lead to short-, mid- and long-term outcomes.  Many of the Extension programs are collaboratively implemented through the Mississippi State Extension Service and its Coastal Research and Extension Center (CREC).

  1. Safe and Sustainable Seafood Supply
    1. Seafood safety
    2. Oyster aquaculture
    3. High school aquaculture
    4. Seafood Marketing
    5. Pond management
  2. Healthy Coastal Ecosystems
    1. Living shorelines
    2. Habitat restoration
    3. Oyster gardening
  3. Hazard Resilient Coastal Communities
    1. Community resilience
    2. Climate adaptation
    3. Multi-state regional planning
  4. Sustainable Coastal Development
    1. Working waterfronts
    2. Clean Marina Program
    3. Non-point source pollution
    4. Smart Yard Health Gulf
    5. Alabama Clean Water Partnership


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