Alabama's soil, water and human resources allow the  state to be among the national leaders in several aquaculture enterprises both in volume and value of products sold. Twenty-five different species are cultured in over 18,000 acres of Alabama ponds or other culture systems. Channel catfish harvested in 2011 from Alabama ponds ranks second nationally with 145 million pounds valued at $133,000,000 dollars to the farmer. Channel catfish are produced in all counties of our state but most commercial production is found in only 7 counties lead by Hale county. The Black Belt region in West Central Alabama is particularly well suited for commercial aquaculture having abundant, high quality water and heavy clay soils ideal for constructing earthen ponds. Several other species such as tilapia, shrimp, crawfish, ornamental and game fish are becoming more prominent in our commercial aquaculture production sector.

ALEARN will provide a highly informative, single point, user friendly information source for commercial growers and those with commercial aquabusiness interests. To that end, we have selected and organized a number subject areas useful to owners and managers of aquatic enterprises. Our goal is to use this page to foster a greater level of competitiveness and profitability through more informed management.

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