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Crop Production-Food, Fiber, Ornamentals, and Turf

Extension educators are striving to ensure that Alabama farmers remain competitive in a global farming economy even as they adopt safer, more environmentally sustainable production practices.

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Using Soil Temperature to Determine When Is It Time to Plant Cotton, Soybeans, and Peanuts in Alabama?

Three experts from Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System recently shared some advice on using soil temperature as... more

Cowpea curculio saga: Insecticides struggling to control this rising threat in Alabama

Southern pea or cowpea (Vigna sp … Pest spectrum includes chewing insect pests like... more

2017 Agronomic Crops Webinar Series Provides Timely Information for Alabama Farmers

The Agronomic Crops Team from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is pleased to announce a series of monthly webinars for... more

Cotton Seedling Diseases

Dr. Austin Hagan, Professor and Extension Specialist with Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System recently provided information on... more

Update: Changes for the Alabama Crops Website

Over the past few months, you may have noticed changes being made to www.AlabamaCrops.com. Almost all of the content... more

Times of Greatest Importance for Cotton Insects in Alabama

THRIPS Thrips may delay maturity if heavy damage occurs at the 1 to 5th true leaf stage... more

Does My Wheat Need A Plant Growth Regulator?

DOES MY WHEAT NEED A PLANT GROWTH REGULATOR?Eddie McGriffAlabama Extension Regional Agent Wheat fields that are at risk... more

Cotton Research Report: 2016 is posted!

The Cotton Research Report for 2016 is posted on the Alabama Variety Testing page …... more

IPM Videos for Beginning Farmers

Alabama Vegetable IPM Project reaches out to a large variety of audience through multiple communication channels... more

Cotton Production Calendar

Have you ever wondered what a cotton producer's year is like … If you... more