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Crop Production-Food, Fiber, Ornamentals, and Turf

Extension educators are striving to ensure that Alabama farmers remain competitive in a global farming economy even as they adopt safer, more environmentally sustainable production practices.

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Educational Events in Alabama and the Southeast (Updated Weekly)

Year-round ACES training programs open to the public Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes (Alabama Pesticide Education Program) http//www.aces.edu/anr/pesticidemgt/ Alabama Master... more

Wild Turnip (Brassica rapa L.)

In the first week of November, I received four different calls regarding how to control wild turnip in forages... more

Extension System Offers Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System will be teaching several private pesticide applicator training classes …... more

Collecting and Storing Seeds

What is the best way to save seeds of open pollinated plants that you collect …... more

Good Sunlight Critical for High Corn Yields

The poet Robert Frost penned that good fences make good neighbors … Just as... more

Neem Insecticide Recall Updates

Updated on Nov 30, 2017) In June and July of 2017, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) tested and found... more

Alabama's McMichens Break the 100 Bushel Soybean Barrier

McMichen Farm became the first Alabama grower to hurdle the 100-bushel soybean barrier with an eye-popping 102.158 bushels per acre... more

Evaluation of Pierce's Disease Resistant European Grape Selections in Alabama

Until recently, commercial grape producers in Alabama and the Southeast have been restricted to growing native muscadines and hybrid bunch... more

Saving Vegetable Seeds

I get a lot of questions every year about saving vegetable seeds … I... more

Row Crops Short Course Announced for December 12th and 13th

Alabama Farmers and Crop Consultants will have the opportunity to get an update on cutting-edge management strategies from several Extension... more