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Aquaculture and Seafood Production

Alabama's soil, water and human resources allow the state to be among the national leaders in several aquaculture enterprises both in volume and value of products sold. More...

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Free Aquaculture 101 Workshop for Teachers

Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) in conjunction with Gadsden State Community College and the Alabama-Mississippi Sea... more

Assessing Disease in Farmed Oysters

With a number of oyster farmers in Alabama reporting high oyster mortalities across the summer of 2016, Extension personnel worked... more

Explore Food Production at Ag Discovery Adventure

AUBURN, Ala.—Ag Discovery Adventure is set for Saturday, Oct. 10, at the E.V. Smith Research Center in Shorter, Ala. Ag Discovery Adventure... more

AG Discovery Adventure - September 13th, 2014

Ag Discovery Adventure is coming soon … Join us on September 13 at Auburn... more

Fisheries Hosts Career Development Event

The Auburn University School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences recently hosted the first Future Farmers of America Aquaculture Career Development Event at... more

Husband and Wife Team Working to Make Gulf Coast Residents Savvier about Seafood

For husband-and-wife team, Bill and Bethany Walton, the name they’ve chosen for their regional educational effort – Seafood Savvy – says... more

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System: Then and Now

May 8, 2014 marks the signing of the Smith Lever Act of 1914, considered by many to be one of... more

New Book on Alabama Agriculture Answers 30-year-old Question

For more than 30 years, Auburn Professor Emeritus Dr. Wayne Shell has been haunted by a question... more

Two-Generation Farm Business Workshops Scheduled for February

For many families working to transfer a farming operation from one generation to the next, it's not the legal, financial and... more

Advice for New and Beginning Growers

Many beginning or new commercial vegetable growers are faced with the dilemma of what to grow or how to start... more

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Production of Crawfish in Alabama


Crayfish are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. In the United States, Louisiana is famous for its Cajun cuisine of which crayfish or "crawfish" is a traditional element. Outside Louisiana and a few other southeastern states, crawfish are generally hard to find in the marketplace, and most people do not know how to cook them. However, once people have sampled these delicious crustaceans, they usually want more.

Surveys suggest that many markets exist for crawfish that are not being met by the current supply. Crawfish farming has just begun in Alabama, but markets have already been identified that cannot be satisfied at current production levels. Crawfish production may be an alternative enterprise that can increase income on some Alabama farms. more...


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