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Commercial catfish farm in Marengo County, Alabama.

This Auburn University satellite laboratory offers services and programs to commercial producers throughout west Alabama.

The Alabama Fish Farming Center (AFFC) was established in 1982 to assist a growing catfish industry. Since this time, the AFFC has helped commercial farmers raising catfish, crawfish, sportfish, tilapia, and marine shrimp in west Alabama with Extension, research, and fish disease diagnostic programs. The catfish industry is the largest aquaculture sector in west Alabama with more than 70 commercial farms. Alabama is the second-largest producer of catfish in the United States, with more than 17,000 water acres in production.

The AFFC is staffed by faculty and staff from the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences of Auburn University at a facility housed in Greensboro, Alabama. The AFFC has an aquatic animal health diagnostic laboratory, a water quality lab, a microbiology lab, small-scale recirculating tank systems for basic research, office space, and a conference room for producer workshops and meetings. Faculty at the AFFC carry out applied Alabama Extension and research programs to help support and solve problems faced by the aquaculture industry. Faculty also work closely with west Alabama farms, feed mills, catfish processing plants, and other stakeholders. Research and Extension demonstration programs are often strengthened by the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in aquaculture at Auburn University. Many of the research projects based out of the AFFC are conducted on commercial farms. Faculty at the AFFC collaborate with Auburn University campus faculty and staff to provide the most comprehensive service possible to the commercial aquaculture industry. The AFFC also offers recommendations on the management of private ponds and lakes for recreational fishing.


  • Aquatic animal health diagnostics
  • Pond water quality analyses
  • Identification and treatment recommendations for aquatic nuisance vegetation
  • Recommendations for stocking and management of recreational fishing ponds and lakes

Contact Information

Alabama Fish Farming Center

529 Centreville Street

Greensboro, AL 36744

(334) 624-4016



Download a PDF of Alabama Fish Farming Center Serves Aquaculture Industry, ANR-2601.

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