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Figure 5. Food plots, especially if planted with chufa, can be used to attract turkeys.

Forest management is generally a long-term commitment, and although it can be intimidating, a plan is needed to manage your forestland to optimize forest and wildlife related resources. A well thought-out plan will take into account current situations, what activities might occur in the future, and the potential results of those activities.  This video provides information on what a management plan is and why every landowner should have one.

Jordan Graves is an Alabama Extension Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Regional Extension Agent located in Lee County. He helps Alabama’s citizens make informed forestry and wildlife land management decisions through site visits, workshops, and electronic media.

To learn more about Management Plans check out the Alabama Extension publications found at this links Prescribed Fire: Promoting Better Forest and Wildlife Management.

This video first appeared as a part of Alabama Extension’s Management Minute Series on the Buckmasters television show.

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