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An image of a man planting tomato plants with the Grow More Give More logo on it

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Grow More, Give More project lends a helping hand. Both experienced and novice gardeners will find the information and resources needed to have a successful garden via Grow More, Give More. The project also encourages gardeners to grow an extra row and give back to their communities.

In 2021, 32,580 pounds of donated produce | Donations reached 5,196 Alabama families | Total donation value = $60, 274

How It Works

To help you Grow More, check out Alabama Extension’s abundant resources to boost your growing potential, whether growing in containers, raised beds, or a traditional in-ground garden. As for Give More, some gardeners may want to share with neighbors, while others might deliver their harvests to a food pantry or a regional food bank.


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Need More Information or Have Questions?

Have questions about getting started with Grow More, Give More? Reach out by email to GMGMhelpline@aces.edu. Alabama Extension home grounds agents can answer questions as well. Find the home grounds agent serving your county here.

Got specific questions about growing a particular vegetable or dealing with an insect pest? Call the Alabama Master Gardener Helpline at 1-877-ALA-GROW.

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