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About the Library

The SerPIE video resource library offers science-based education videos for checkout.

Requests to check out physical video formats can be made via email. Note: Videos are only loaned within the state of Alabama and users of the video resource library must be state of Alabama residents. New customers: When you submit the below Borrower Agreement Form, you can also send us a Video Reservation Form with the videos you want to reserve.

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There are 13 educational video resources available to check out in our video catalog (12 DVDs and 1 VHS series).  See catalog list in the table below.

Cat. #TitleRun TimeFormatDescription
1The Green Encyclopedia Part 1: Environmental Innovations and Opportunities61 MinutesDVDCollection of 60 video clips that presents innovations and opportunities arising from the impact of environmental threats on the people of the world.
2The Green Encyclopedia Part 2: Environmental Concerns and Threats/Recycling and Alternative Energy41 MinutesDVDCollection of 40 video clips that address concerns about the sustainability of life on Earth as global warming increases in severity. 
3Discovery Education™ Protecting Our Planet30 MinutesDVDDiscusses the challenges that our planet faces changes including the effects of nature's constant forces and humanity's ever-growing footprint. 
4Discovery Education™ The Hydrologic Cycle (6-12th grade)20 Minutes DVDTake look at Planet Earth, its natural resources and the human impact on our global environment.
5Discovery Education™ Water: To The Last Drop 52 MinutesDVDVideo shows how contamination and misuse threaten the water we all need to survive.
6The Garbage Story: Dealing with Solid Waste Disposal 21 MinutesDVDLearn how scientists and engineers are using the newest technology to deal with one of society's oldest problems.
7Science in Action18 MinutesDVDCovers earth science and physics topics.
8Discovery Education™ People and the Environment25 MinutesDVDInvestigates the causes and effects of pollution and hazardous waste, and the impact of recycling and other conservation efforts.
9Discovery Education™ Planet Earth: Fresh Water 46 MinutesDVDFollow rivers as they course from mountain to the sea, nourishing unique and dramatic wildlife and shaping the land.
10WGBH Global Warming – What’s Up with the Weather 30 MinutesDVDProvides details about global warming.
11Pond and River35 MinutesDVDProvides an understanding of the ecological diversity of ponds and rivers.
12Vanishing Bees DVD and Study Guide34 min/ 87 min versionsDVDExamines the widespread disappearance of honeybees.
13Planet Earth, the Living Machine Video Series (7 episodes)58 Minutes eachVHSExplores planet Earth.


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