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*This is an excerpt from The Alabama Vegetable Gardener, ANR-0479.


Asparagus—Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, UC 157 F1, Grande, Jersey King, Jersey Supreme, Purple Passion

Broccoli—Gypsy, Green Magic, Arcadia, Premium Crop cABBAge—Bravo, Cheers, Cardinal (red), Platinum Dynasty, Red Dynasty (red)

Cauliflower—Early Snowball, Snow Crown, White Magic

Brussels Sprouts—Long Island Improved, Jade

Kohlrabi—Grand Duke, Early Purple Vienna

Snap Beans, Bush—Bronco, Magnum, Bush Blue Lake 274, Renegade, Roma II (flat type)

Snap Beans, Pole—Stringless Blue Lake, White Seeded Kentucky Wonder, Kentucky Blue

Lima, Bush—Bridgeton (ss), Dixie ButterPea (ss), Foodhook 242 (ls), Early Thorogreen (ss), Dixie Speckled ButterPea (ls)

Lima, Pole—Carolina Sieva, King of the Garden, Willow Leaf



Beets—Detroit Dark Red, Red Ace, Ruby Queen

Carrots—Apache, Danvers 126, Purple Haze, Sugar Snax 54

Radishes—Cherry Belle, Early Scarlet Globe, Champion, Sparkler, White Icicle, April Cross*, Everest*


Collards—Blue Max, Flash, Georgia Southern, Top Bunch, Vates (also a kale variety with same name), Heavi-Crop

Kale—Siberian, Vates (also a collard variety with the same name), Squire, Winterbor

Cucumbers—Calypso*, Dasher II, Daytona, General Lee, Poinsett 76, Colt*, Thunder

Cantaloupes/Melons—Ambrosia, Athena, Odyssey, Honey Max**, Santa Fe**

Watermelons—AU Producer, Crimson Sweet Jubilee II, Lemon Krush, Regency, Royal Sweet, Sangria, Summer Gold, Starbrite

Summer Squash—Destiny III (cn), Dixie (cn), Medallion (cn), Supersett (cn), Conqueror III (sn), Goldbar (sn), Lynx (z), Spineless Beauty (z), Tigress (z), Patty Green Tint (s), Peter Pan (s), Scallopini (s)

Winter Squash—Celebration (acorn), Table Queen (acorn), Tay Belle PM (acorn), Butternut Supreme, Waltham Butternut, Early Butternut, Golden Hubbard, Vegetable Spaghetti, Green Striped Cushaw

Pumpkins—Munchkin, Field Trip, Spookie, Cotton Candy (white skinned), Lumina (white skinned), Appalachian, Aspen, Magic Wand, Merlin, Big Max, Gold Rush, Atlantic Giant, Prize Winner


**Honey Dew

cn=yellow crook-neck

sn=yellow straight-neck

z=zucchini s=scalloped typed

***=pumpkins listed in increasing fruit size from smallest to largest

Eggplant—Classic, Epic, Santana, Casper (white), GhostBuster (white), Ichiban (small diameter type), Rosalita (small diameter type)

Pepper—Capistrano (bell), Camelot X3R (bell), King Arthur (bell), Orobell (yellow bell), Cubanelle (frying type), Bananna Supreme (frying type), Habeñero (hot), Mitla (hot), Long Slim Cayenne (hot)


  • Large fruited—Amelia VR (TSWV), Bella Rosa (TSWV, heat-tolerant), Carolina Gold (yellow-fruited), Celebrity, Crista (TSWV), Finishline (TSWV), Mountain Fresh Plus (early blight tolerance), Primo Red (TSWV), Red Defender (TSWV)
  • Cherry types—Cherry Grande, Mountain Belle, Sun Gold
  • Grape types—Cupid, Elfin, Golden Sunrise, Jolly Elf, St Nick, Smarty
  • Roma/Plum types—Muriel (TSWV), Picus (TSWV), Plum Crimson, Plum Regal (TSWV)
  • Heirlooms—Brandywine, Black Krim, Red Rose, Persimmon, Russian Rose, Hawaiian Pineapple, Copia, Rutgers

Head Lettuce—Ithaca, Great Lakes

Leaf & Butterhead Lettuce—New Red Fire (red leaf), Red Sails (red leaf), Salad Bowl (green leaf), Sierra (green leaf), Slobolt* (green leaf), Tango (green leaf), Buttercrunch (butterhead), Ermosa (butter- head), Esmeralda (butterhead),

Cos (or Romaine)**—Green Towers, Parris Island Cos

Mustard—Florida Broadleaf, Green Way*, Savannah, Southern Giant

Spinach—Bloomsdale Long Standing (savoy), Early Hybrid #7 (smooth leaf), Chesapeake Hybrid (smooth leaf), Melody, Tyee

Turnips—Alamo, All Top, Just Right, Purple Top White Globe**, Seven Top***, Shogoin**, Top Star, Southern Green

*Tolerant of conditions that induce bolting

**Good for producing turnip roots as well as for greens

***Good for late fall/early winter production

Okra—Annie Oakley II, Cajun Delight, Clemson Spineless, 80, Emerald, Lee, North and South

Onions (Short Day Types) for Bulbs—Granex 33, Savannah Sweet, Texas Grano 1015Y

Green Onions or Bunching Onions—Beltsville Bunching*, Evergreen Bunching*, Ishikura Long, Parade

*bulbing type

Garden or English Peas

The best are short, running varieties, and these need a short trellis. The suggested varieties include Dual, Knight, and Green Arrow. The Sugar Snap peas are high climbers needing a 4-foot trellis for support. The suggested varieties include Oregon Sugar Pod II, Sugar Bon, and Sugar Snap.

Southern Peas

  • Blackeyes—Bettergro Blackeye, California Blackeye #5, Magnolia Blackeye, Queen Anne
  • Pinkeyes—Coronet, Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR, Quick Pick Pinkeye
  • Cream (cream with browneye)—Texas Cream 12, White Acre BVR
  • Crowders—Hercules, Mississippi Purple, Mississippi Silver, Zipper Cream

Irish Potatoes—Atlantic, Dark Red Norland, La Rouge, Red LaSoda, Yukon Gold

Sweetpotatoes—Beauregard, Hernandez, Jewel, O’Henry, Muraski (purple skin, whiteflesh)

Sweet Corn

  • White
    • Early Season—Silver Princess (se), Sweet Ice (se)
    • Mid Season—Ice Queen (sh2), Summer Sweet 8101R (sh2), Xtra-Tender Brand 372A (sh2), Snow White (sh2)
    • Late Season—Silver King (se), WSS 0987 )sh2) Tahoe (sh2)
  • Bi-Color
    • Early Season—Temptation II (sh2), Lancelot (se)
    • Mid Season—BigTime (sh2), Summer Sweet 8102R (sh2), Sweet Chorus (se), Sweet Rhythm (se)
  • Yellow
    • Early Season—Mirai 130 Y (sh2), Bodacious (se)
    • Mid Season—Prime Plus (sh2), Summer Sweet 7210 (sh2), Passion II (sh2), Merit (su)


For more information, see other excerpts from The Alabama Vegetable Gardener, ANR-0479.

Kerry Smith, Extension Home Horticulture Associate; Ayanava Majumdar, Extension Entomologist; Charles Mitchell, Extension Agronomist, Professor, Agronomy and Soils; John Everest, Visiting Professor, Agronomy and Soils; Edward Sikora, Extension Plant Pathologist, Professor, Entomology and Plant Pathology; Joseph Kemble, Extension Specialist, Professor, Horticulture; all with Auburn University; and Rufina Ward, Research Entomologist, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Alabama A&M University.

Reviewed October 2021, The Alabama Vegetable Gardener, ANR-0479

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