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There are many different positions that make up the fabric of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Below you will find the types of positions within the organization and how each position supports the system.

Regional Extension Agents

Regional Extension agents are community based expert educators in one or more of our four program areas: (1) Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources, (2) Alabama 4-H, (3) Human Sciences, and (4) Urban Extension.

Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources. Provides relevant and research-based management information and educational programs to commercial producers, industry personnel, and homeowners.

Alabama 4-H. Provides leadership, direction, organization, and implementation of a county 4-H program to develop, grow, and empower the youth of Alabama.

Human Sciences. Conducts practical, community-based educational programs to empower individuals, families, and communities.

Urban Extension. Provides learning opportunities to meet the needs of all urban and nontraditional audiences with a specific focus on limited resource families, underserved audiences, individuals, and small enterprises.

Meet a Regional Extension Agent

County Extension Coordinators

County Extension coordinators are community-based professionals of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System who represent the science-based resources and other resources available through Alabama A&M University and Auburn University. They are recognized as community leaders who address the contemporary challenges, issues, and opportunities facing the residents of the county through university programs and knowledge.

Meet a County Extension Coordinator

Extension Specialists

Extension specialists work as a part of a team to provide research-based programs and information in their specific discipline to regional Extension agents. Extension specialists may be full-time Extension employees or a combination of Extension/research/teaching appointments within the college/school of their enterprise. Specialists may be non-tenure track faculty or tenure track faculty roles. Most specialist roles are located on the campus of Alabama A&M University or Auburn University.

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Professional Support Staff

Professional support staff are innovative and service-oriented professionals that help support the work that Extension employees all over the state do. Administrative units include the following:

  • Alabama Extension Administration
  • Communications, Strategic Marketing, and Client Relations
  • Information Technology
  • Business

Meet an Alabama Extension Administrator

County Staff

County staff serve clientele in their respective locations by providing administrative or programmatic support. County staff have daily interaction with the community and assist clientele with access to Extension resources and services. These positions are integral to the daily operations of county offices.

Meet a County Administrative Support Associate