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Fruits On a Plate

Add color to your plate! As parents, we know that vegetables and fruits are essential to a healthy diet, but it can be hard to get children to put them on their plates. Here are a few tips to help you add a little color to your child’s plate.

Veggie Sauces. Try taking some of the veggies that your kid will not eat and puree them to add to sauces. For example: blend carrots, peppers, onions, and mushrooms and add to spaghetti sauce.

Tasting Challenge. Once a week or once a month allow your kids to choose a new fruit or vegetable for the whole family to try. Invite your kids in the kitchen to help you prepare the new fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables and Fruits for Snacks. Wash and cut up fruits and vegetables for quick and easy snacks or to have ready for meals in a hurry. Bonus: place snacking fruits and vegetables at eye level in the fridge so they are the first things your kids see.

Veggies in Casseroles and Pasta. Add different veggies to your favorite casserole and pasta dishes. For example: add broccoli to chicken Alfredo or peas and carrots to a chicken and rice casserole. A bonus tip is to add veggies to meatloaf.

Replace Dessert with Fruit. Instead of a high calorie and high fat dessert, try offering your kids a fresh piece of fruit for dessert. Example: serve watermelon during the summer or baked apples in the fall.

Offer, Offer, Offer. Getting your kids to eat more vegetables and try new fruits can be challenging. But don’t give up. Keep offering the new fruits and vegetables, and your kids will eventually try them.

Be the Model. Your kids are always watching you. As a parent, the best way to get your kids to try new fruits and vegetables is for you to try them too!


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