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Two young black children getting their picture taken my their mom before they go to school

Parents can be advocates for education in their communities. This publication highlights important contact information and resources that can help you be involved.

Preparing for the First Day of School and Beyond

  • Begin learning about your local education system before your child starts school
  • Build relationships
    • Local librarian
    • Your child’s teacher(s)
    • School employees, such as the principal
    • School board representatives
    • Other parents
  • Ask questions and share concerns. If the teacher can’t help, ask who can.
  • Stay up to date about your child’s progress

Extension Resources for Parents and Caregivers of Young Children

  • Self-Aware series
  • New Principles of Parenting
  • School Readiness Information
    1. Overview for Parents and Educators
    2. Parents Get Ready! (Advocacy Information)
    3. Children Get Ready!
    4. BEE series, (Begin Education Early, No. 1-9)

For Parents and Caregivers of Teens

  • Be Safe: Anti-bullying
  • Anti-vaping education

For Parents and Caregivers (prenatal to 5 years)

  • Just in Time Parenting
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    • Suscríbase al boletín informativo para padres Just in Time en jitp.info/es

Explore Parenting Programs from Alabama Extension

  • Online and self-guided programs, such as Fathering in 15
  • Parenting Workshops, such as:
    • 24/7 Dads
    • Tuning in to Kids (online or in-person)

Policies That Guide Education

  • Alabama Department of Education
    • https://www.alsde.edu/
  • United States Department of Education
    • https://www.ed.gov/

Parents as Advocates: My Resources

Parents need to get ready too. Make sure you know your child’s information!

Print this page out and write down the contact information for each person. Keep it handy and share it with any co-parents or caregivers.

Local Resources

  • Children’s librarian and their name, email, and phone ________________________________________________________
  • Calendar of events __________________________________________________________________________________
  • Location, hours, website ______________________________________________________________________________
  • Parent-teacher group ________________________________________________________________________________
  • Other local resource numbers __________________________________________________________________________

School Board

  • School board website (policies) ___________________________________________________________________________
  • Social media for your school district _______________________________________________________________________
  • School board district and representative and their email, phone, and re-election year ___________________________________
  • School board meeting dates and location ___________________________________________________________________
  • Emergency broadcast messaging _________________________________________________________________________

School & Teacher

  • Website, social media _________________________________________________________________________________
  • Teachers and their email, phone, and how to contact ___________________________________________________________
  • Progress reports and how often and how you will receive ________________________________________________________


Peer Review

Silvia Vilches, Extension Specialist, Assistant Professor, Family and Child Development, Debra Ward, Regional Extension Agent, Beth McDaniel and Ania Craig, Graduate Research Assistants, Human Development and Family Science, Auburn University

New February 2022, School Readiness Series: Parents Get Ready! FCS-2557

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