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Escape Vapes Programming. Education, Prevention, Intervention, Cessation


Escape Vapes: Empowering Adults

A vaping education course that teaches parents and adults who work with youth about electronic cigarettes

The program is designed to help adults:

  • recognize devices
  • understand the connection between vaping and nicotine addiction
  • be aware of e-juice contents and flavors
  • understand the health risk of vaping for youth
  • know the law and legal consequences of underage vaping

1, 1-Hour Session | For Parents & Adults


Escape Vapes

A vaping prevention course that uses lessons and activities from the Stanford University Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

The program is designed to help youth:

  • understand the contents of a JUUL and other e-cigarettes
  • know the health and addiction risk of using nicotine products. (electronic cigarettes, pods, pens)
  • understand the strategies manufacturers and marketing agencies use to increase vaping and smoking among youth

1 or 3, 1-Hour Sessions | For Youth Ages 10–19


Escape Vapes: Healthy Futures, an Alternative to Suspension

A vaping intervention program for first offenders to attend instead of suspension or expulsion

The program is designed to help youth:

  • understand the health effects of vaping
  • recognize the impact of nicotine on the brain
  • engage in conversations to prevent further use of nicotine products

(The 2- and 4-hour versions include more group activities and the Healthy Future Handbook that guides students to consider their individual motivations for quitting e-cigarettes/vapes.)

1, 1-, 2-, or 4-Hour Sessions | For First-Time Youth Offender


Not On Tobacco (N-O-T)

An evidence-based program to help youth quit nicotine products (electronic cigarettes/pods/cigarettes/ flavored cigars) for good

The program is designed to help youth:

  • cut back or completely quit nicotine use (90% success rate)
  • take a holistic approach to quitting
  • be in a supportive community of other youth who want to stop vaping or smoking

10, 50-Minute Sessions | For Youth ages 14–19


Escape Vapes Programming

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Adrienne Duke, Extension Specialist and Associate Professor, Auburn University

Revised September 2022, Escape Vapes Programming, FCS-2562

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