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A teenager refusing to take a vaping product.

Increasingly, middle and high school students are using electronic cigarettes at an alarming rate. In response to this issue, Escape Vapes was developed to curb and prevent adolescent use of e-cigarettes. The effectiveness of Escape Vapes was evident in 2023 when 2,625 youth from 18 counties participated in the program. The outcomes proved to be statistically significant, indicating positive change across all measured variables.

  • 43% of youth had an increase in knowledge concerning health impacts.
  • 85% of youth said that they are unlikely to vape in the future.
  • 30% increase in confidence levels in avoiding nicotine products.
  • 54% of youth were highly likely to share this information with someone else.

Someone's hand holding three vaping pensThrough the Escape Vapes: Empowering Adults program, adults also learned more about e-cigarettes. When adults learn about vaping, they can talk to their children and other youth about its health risks, recognize if their child or other youth might be vaping, and get help for youth who are experiencing nicotine addiction. In 2023, 238 adults participated in Escape Vapes: Empowering Adults. As a result of the program, the following outcomes were observed among adult participants.

  • 45% became more knowledgeable about what youth vape when using the devices.
  • 50% increased their awareness that vaping is just as harmful as traditional cigarettes.
  • 48% showed a statistically significant increase in knowledge about the various health risks associated with vaping.
  • 82% indicated more confidence in recognizing devices.

By the end of the program, 88% of participants said they would discuss vaping risks with their children or those close to them.

For more information about Escape Vapes programs and resources, visit www.aces.edu/blog/topics/health/escape-vapes-programs-and-resources/.


Adrienne Duke-Marks, Extension Specialist, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

Revised June 2024, Escape Vapes Impact Report 2023, FCS-2330

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