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Caring African American mother giving tea to her ill daughter during video call with a pediatrician at home.

Telehealth services are digital services used for talking to doctors or health care providers over the phone or via video chat. Patients can also send and receive messages and monitor health, such as heart rhythm, temperature, and blood pressure, through digital devices and social media tools. Telehealth services are easy, safe, and convenient ways to communicate with health care providers all from the comfort of home.

Content below reflects the text in the graphics of the video:

  • How does Telehealth work?
  • Open the Telehealth website or app and request a consult.
  • Provide medical history and pay for the consult.
  • A state-licensed doctor will review your medical history.
  • The state-licensed doctor will contact you by phone or video.
  • Remember, Telehealth consults have no time limit.
  • You can speak to the doctor for as long as you like!
  • Now, the doctor can discuss issues, answer questions, and suggests next steps.
  • If medically necessary, a prescription can be submitted to a local pharmacy.
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