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Healthy lunch or snack to go with tortilla wraps, eggs, cottage cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

Eating healthy away from home can present a real challenge for many people. With so many food options available, it can be hard to make healthy choices especially when life gets busy. Here are five ways to maintain healthy eating habits, even when you are on the go.

1. Keep Snacks On Hand

Making healthy food decisions can be difficult when you are hungry. Carry shelf-stable snacks, such as unsalted nuts, trail mix, and whole-grain crackers in your bag or car for easy access.

2. Opt for Vegetables

Instead of having french fries as a side to your meal, try eating a side salad, broccoli, or plain baked sweet potato. These options not only offer more vitamins and minerals but they are excellent sources of fiber to help you stay fuller longer.

3. Pack Lunch Ahead

Pack your lunch the night before or meal prep lunches at the beginning of the week. At the grocery store, stock up on easy-to-grab vegetables (e.g., baby carrots, celery, and cherry tomatoes) and fruits (e.g., bananas, oranges, and unsweetened applesauce cups) to cut down on preparation time.

4. Choose Lean Proteins

Select entrées like grilled chicken breast, fish, or sirloin steak instead of deep-fried options. Lower-calorie choices are just as filling but contain lower amounts of saturated fats.

5. Save Some for Later

Most restaurants offer large portion sizes. Instead of eating the whole meal in one sitting, try splitting it in half and saving the rest for later. This will help reduce the amount of calories you consume, and it prevents you from overeating.

More Information

Choosing nutritious foods away from home can be difficult. With a little bit of planning and preparation, however, eating healthy on the go can become a simple routine. Visit www.aces.edu/urban to find more information on healthy eating.