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Hay sitting in a field

Bermudagrass is an important forage crop throughout Alabama. While seeded varieties of bermudagrass are available, most commonly used pasture and hay varieties must be established using spriggs. The following is a current listing of bermudagrass spriggers that service either portions or all of Alabama. This list is not all inclusive, and other spriggers may be available in your area. If your operation sells bermudagrass spriggers and you would like to be included on this list, contact Leanne Dillard at alabamaforages@aces.edu.

Prior to establishment, review the Alabama Extension publication Bermudagrass in Alabama for more more information on variety selection, site preparation, fertility, and forage management. Contact your county Extension office with any further questions.


Geneva County

  • Donnell Farms
    • Phone: (334) 588-3894
    • Varieties: Russell, Tifton 85, Tifton 78, Tifton 44, and Coastal

Crenshaw County

  • Bozeman Farms
    • Address: 4129 County Road 2243, Glenwood, AL 36034
    • Phone: (334) 268-1802
    • Email: bozemanfarms@gmail.com
    • Varieties: Coastal, Russell, Tifton 85, and Coastcross-2 (CCII)


  • GLB Farms, Gerald and Billy Sumrall
    • Monticello, MS
    • Phone: (601) 669-0072
    • Email: glbbeef@bellsouth.net; glbfarm@yahoo.com
    • Varieties: Sumerall 007 and Tifton 44


  • Michael Knight
    • Columbus, GA 31904
    • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4039
    • Phone: (706) 566-0981