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Talladega County Educational Events

Family & Child Development

  • Be READY Family Emergency Preparedness
  • Tuning In to Kids

Financial Resource Management

  • Money Talk—Predatory Lending
  • GOAL Diggers Financial Literacy for Youth & Young Adults

Nutrition & Food Safety Programs

  • Alabama Cottage Food Law Training & Certification
  • ServSafe Training & Certification
  • Home Canner Gauge Testing
  • Right Bite Setting the Table Training for Kids
  • Diabetes Education & Empowerment Program
  • Breastfeeding Friendly Certification for Child Care Centers
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program– Education (SNAP-Ed)
  • Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Agricultural Programs

  • Cover Crop Field Day for Farmers
  • Alabama Private Pesticide Applicator Training & Certification
  • Farmer-to-Farmer Small Group Session
  • Auxin Herbicide Certification & Training for Farmers
  • Estate Planning
  • Commercial Horticulture Training Sessions

Resource Areas Serving Talladega County

4-H & Youth

  • Summer Camp
  • In-School Clubs
  • Virtual Clubs
  • Chick Chain
  • Rabbit Project
  • Sewing Club


  • Home Lawn and Garden
  • Commercial Horticulture
  • Agronomic Crops
  • Livestock, Forages, and Poultry
  • Specialty Crops

Family & Health

  • Food Safety
  • Money Management
  • Nutrition Education

Natural Resources

  • Wildlife
  • Forestry
  • Private Ponds

Economic Development

  • Workforce Development
  • Job Skills

Talladega County Extension Partnerships & Community Education Outreach

  • Talladega County Farmers Federation
  • Coosa Valley Electric Annual Meeting
  • Talladega County Commission
  • Talladega County Cattlemen’s Association
  • United Way of North Talladega County
  • Talladega County Volunteer Program

Increasing Quality of Life for Alabamians with Research-Based Information

  • 4-H’ers are four times more likely to give back to their community and two times more likely to make healthy choices.
  • 94% of 4-H participants can apply knowledge they have learned to solve real-life problems in their community.
  • 93% of 4-H participants agree that it is NOT okay for someone their age to drink alcohol, smoke, or take drugs.
  • 84% of 4-H participants set goals for themselves.
  • 82% of 4-H participants can identify one or more careers that might be a good fit for them.
  • 78% of 4-H participants stop to think about choices before making decisions

One Year by the Numbers

3,797 Virtual Educational Contacts

1,527 Face-to-Face Educational Contacts

2,008 Hours of Volunteer Work Valued at $49,577

154 Nutrition Education Program Participants

1,880 Youth Enrolled in 79 4-H In-School Clubs

For more information:

Talladega County Extension

Henry D. Dorough, CCA, PAS

132 Court Street North Talladega, AL 35160

Phone: (256) 362-6187

Email: dorouhd@aces.edu

New August 2021, Talladega County Annual Report 2020–2021, ACES-2641

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