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fruits at a farmers market

An Alabama growers permit is a marketing expansion tool that allows Alabama growers to sell directly to consumers without having to pay licensing fees or sales tax for raw agricultural commodities that they raise. This tremendous tool allows Alabama growers to market their products anywhere in the state. This increases the geographic marketing area for producers and reduces barriers to the availability of fresh and nutritious Alabama products across the state.

Fruits and vegetables for sale at a farmers marketThe growers permit allows producers to sell any raw agricultural commodities that they raise, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs. It also covers the sale of vegetable transplants and ornamental plants, if the producer has raised the plants for more than two weeks. Value-added products–such as jams and jellies, breads, and meats–are not covered by the growers permit.

To take advantage of this market expansion tool, growers would need to do the following steps:

Step 1. Obtain a growers permit in person at a county Extension office. There is no online version available. The office will keep a record of the permit and forward permits to the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries’ Farmers Market Authority for growers who wish to participate in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program.

Step 2. Share a copy of the growers permit with the farmers market manager where you wish to sell. Growers selling in more than one county do not need to obtain more than one certificate. The permit also allows the producer to sell raw agricultural commodities at other locations, such as roadside stands and festivals.

More Information

If you are an Alabama grower wishing to sell direct to consumers, more information on this marketing tool can be found on the Farmers Market Authority website, agi.alabama.gov/farmersmarket/, or by emailing fma@agi.alabama.gov.