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PLEASE NOTE: This information is created, published and updated by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and is shared by PSEP as is, for your information. Please direct any questions to the Alabama  Department of Agriculture and Industries. 


 Thank you for your interest in taking the Landscape Design (LD) exam, which is administered by the Alabama Department of Agriculture (ADAI). Because freehand-drawing a design is required, the LD exam must be taken at the ADAI facility in Montgomery.

Professional service exams are given four times a year on the third Tuesday in March, June, September, and December. Preregistration is required; please submit your application and qualification statement 10 business days prior to exam date. You may download and print the Professional Services Exm Application at http://agi.alabama.gov/divisions/pesticide-management/certification-and-testing.

For questions related to testing, please contact the Certification & Training Unit at (334)240-7243.


Once you have passed the Landscape Design (LD) exam administered by the Alabama Department of Agriculture (ADAI), you need to apply for an annual Professional Services permit if you will be going into business for yourself. The Application for Professional Services Permit-Horticulture can be found under the Professional Services tab of our website:  http://agi.alabama.gov/divisions/pesticide­management/.  The fee for this annual permit is $175/year and covers the period of October l – September 30 and must be renewed before November l each year to avoid being delinquent. For questions related to the Professional Services Permit Horticulture, please contact Professional Services at (334)240-7269.

  • If for any reason the permit holder decides to not renew the annual permit, the holder is required to notify the department (in writing) of that. Please mail such correspondence to the above address.

Note:  Landscape Design is a lifetime category (i.e., the exam results never expire), therefore, please retain a copy of your test results for future reference.

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