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This category includes commercial applicators using or supervising the use of restricted-use and other pesticides in, on, or around the following:

  • food-handling establishments
  • human dwellings
  • institutions such as schools and hospitals
  • industrial establishments including warehouses and grain elevators
  • other structures and adjacent areas–public or private–for the protection of stored, processed, or manufactured products

Those passing examinations as branch supervisors can supervise branch offices only. You must pass the examination for certified operator to go into business for yourself or to supervise services from a main office. No one will be allowed to take examinations unless they have

  • been previously approved by the Montgomery office
  • is on the exam list
  • has the approval letter in hand on the exam day
  • has an expired commercial applicator permit for recertification

The Structural Professional Services licenses are issued to businesses that engage in and solicit for household, institutional and industrial pest control (HPC) and have a certified operator who has taken, passed, and submitted their commercial applicators license application with appropriate fees for the corresponding category(s). The cost of an annual Structural Professional Services license for a main office is $175, a branch office is $75, and a sub office is $50 plus $100 for each category of work certified to perform.

Exam Information

Household Pest Control – Certified Operator Exam 

  • 50 questions
  • Cost: $75

Household Pest Control – Branch Supervisor Exam 

  • 50 questions
  • Cost: $75

If you have taken Purdue courses, Purdue exams are only proctored at the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) office in Montgomery. Contact Chelsea Wolfe at (334) 240-7243 or Barbara Gates at (334) 240-7240, at the ADAI office for details on taking this exam.

There is also a computer-based testing format that is available on a weekly basis at eight testing sites across Alabama. The cost for the online exam is $125 per exam. To sign up for the online exam, visit apply.adaitesting.com. Once approved, you will receive an approval email from the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

Required Study Materials


  • Chapter 28 Title 2 Code of Alabama 1975 – Professional Services Law
  • 80-1-13 – Sales and Use of Pesticides
  • 80-5-1 – Standards for Assessment of Civil Penalties
  • 80-10-9 – Professional Services Rules

Find the ADAI required study materials online at www.agi.alabama.gov/.


Requirements and Forms

Alabama Extension

ADAI – Certification and Testing

  • Exam Schedule – Professional Services
  • Exam Application – Professional Services
  • First Permit & Add-On – Commercial Applicator
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator Permit – Renewal
  • Recertification Meeting Locator – (Commercial Applicators)
  • Recertification Meeting Locator – (Meeting Sponsors)

Find the ADAI requirements and forms related to certification and testing at www.agi.alabama.gov/. For information on any of these forms, contact Barbara Gates at (334) 240-7240 or barbara.gates@agi.alabama.gov.

ADAI – Professional Services

  • License Application (Branch Office)
  • License Application (Main Office)
  • License Application (Sub-Office)
  • Certificate of Structural Insurance

Find the ADAI requirements and forms related to professional services at www.agi.alabama.gov/. For information on any of these forms, contact Joe Debrow at (334) 240-7233 or joe.debrow@agi.alabama.gov.

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