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The Aerial Mode of Application permit is required as part of other commercial pesticide categories. This is a stand-alone permit.

Exam Information

  • 50 questions
  • Cost: $75

Testing for this permit can be completed at the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) in Montgomery.

There is also a computer-based testing format that is available on a weekly basis at eight testing sites across Alabama. The cost for the online exam is $125 per exam. To sign up for the online exam, visit apply.adaitesting.com. Once approved, you will receive an approval email from the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

Required Study Materials

Alabama Extension


  • Chapter 27, Title 2, Code of Alabama_1975
  • 80-1-13 – Sales and Use of Pesticides
  • 80-1-14 – Application of Pesticides by Aircraft
  • 80-5-1 – Standards for Assessment of Civil Penalties

Find the ADAI required study materials online at www.agi.alabama.gov/.

Requirements and Forms

Alabama Extension

ADAI – Certification and Testing

  • Exam Schedule – Custom Pesticide Applicator
  • First Permit & Add-On – Commercial Applicator
  • Commercial Pesticide Applicator Permit – Renewal
  • Recertification Meeting Locator – (Meeting Sponsors)
  • Recertification Meeting Locator – (Commercial Applicators)

Find the ADAI requirements and forms related to certification and testing at www.agi.alabama.gov/. For information on any of these forms, contact Barbara Gates at (334) 240-7240 or barbara.gates@agi.alabama.gov.

ADAI – Custom Applicators

  • Application for Custom Pesticide Applicators License

Find the ADAI requirements and forms related to custom applicators at www.agi.alabama.gov/. For information on any of these forms, contact Dorothy Gresham at (334) 240-7286 or dorothy.gresham@agi.alabama.gov.

More Information

For more information regarding permits that require you to select a mode of application (aerial or ground), visit the following resources:

  • Agricultural Pest Control – Plant Permit (AP)
  • Aquatic Pest Control Permit (AQ)
  • Forest Pest Control Commercial Permit (FOR)
  • Public Health Permit (PH)
  • Right of Way Permit (ROW)
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