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Multiple communities working as one county to change lives.

The Problem & Solution

After collaborative efforts to review state and local needs assessments, committee reports, and other documents, it was clear that information barriers existed in Calhoun County and its surrounding communities. Residents were unaware of and, therefore, could not access resources available to them in their time of need.

To alleviate these barriers, members of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Calhoun County Extension Office, the Calhoun County Children’s Policy Council, and other organizations collaborated to produce the Calhoun County Resource Guide.

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to educate audiences about services–such as food banks, shelters, treatment facilities, and other resources–that are available in the community. The service providers listed in the guide all have the same core objective: helping to improve the quality of life of those who reside in Calhoun County.

How to Get a Copy

Download a complete PDF of Calhoun County Resource Guide, UNP-2191.

Need to Request a Revision?

Don’t see your business or organization and want it to be included in the next revision? Did your business change its name, move, or have other information that needs to be updated? If so, fill out the survey by scanning the QR code located in the PDF or at following the link: www.aces.edu/go/CalhounCountyResourceGuide. Or contact Bre Steele at Alabama Extension at 256-237-1621.

Please share this resource with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors!


Bre Steele, Urban Regional Extension Agent, and Vanessa Wood, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Educator, Alabama Cooperative Extension System

New January 2023, Calhoun County Resource Guide, UNP-2191

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