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Members of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System animal sciences and forages team developed a video series that discusses topics related to replacement heifer sales in Alabama. These videos will assist cattle producers in selecting, developing, and marketing high quality replacement heifers.


Replacement Heifer Sales in Alabama

Replacement Heifers as a Viable Economic EnterpriseMax Runge, Extension economist
Ken Kelley, regional Extension agent

Fundamentals of Marketing Replacement Heifers

Kevan Tucker, county Extension coordinator

Conformation and Selection Criteria for Replacement Heifers

Ricky Colquitt, county Extension coordinator

Handling Techniques for Replacement Heifers

Anthony Wiggins, county Extension coordinator

Nutrition for Proper Development of Replacement Heifers

Kelly Palmer, regional Extension agent

Vaccination and Health Protocols for Replacement Heifers

Kelly Palmer, regional Extension agent

Replacement Heifer Success Story - Alan Haney of Johnston Brangus

Alan Haney along with multiple Extension agents


Find all of these videos on Alabama Extension’s YouTube channel.

For more information, contact the animal sciences and forages team member serving your county.

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