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A hereford cow with her bull calf.

Beef Basics, a free online course from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, is an opportunity to further educate producers and supporters of the Alabama beef cattle industry.

The course covers basic cattle management principles related to forages, such as nutrition, management, breeding and genetics. Beef Basics also goes into detail what the consumer’s prospective is on the cattle industry.

Within a section, such as breeding and genetics, students can pick a specific topic on which to focus. For example, if you want to know more about calving but not necessarily about choosing a breeding bull, you can choose the section that fits your need.

The main goal of the course is for producers to improve their overall management skills and understanding of the beef industry, resulting in a positive economic impact on their production system.

After a student completes the eight-week course, he or she receives a certificate of completion.

For more information about Beef Basics, visit www. aces.edu or contact Kim Mullenix by email at clinemk@aces.edu.

Enroll in the Beef Basics course here.

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