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Pelleted feed.

The Alabama Commodity Feed Contact list provides contact information for brokers, dealers, feed distributors, and processing facilities around the Southeast. Note: The best form of contact for vendors is usually by phone.

Brokers, Dealers, and Distributors

ADM Animal Nutrition

  • Address: 2201 E 13th Avenue, Cordele, Georgia 31015
  • Hours of operation: 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Monday through Friday)
  • Phone: 334-405-1157
  • Email: jason.edmondson@adm.com
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: Bulk feed, range cubes, feed ingredients, protein supplements, and minerals.
  • Delivery: Delivers less than truckload lots. Five ton minimum in bags, 11 ton minimum in bulk.

AgriCommodities, Inc.

  • Address: 3532 Pebble Beach Drive, Augusta, Georgia 30907
  • Phone: 706-869-1075
  • Email: Paul Rosenweig Jr. (paul@agricommodities.net) and Vicki Ragnow (vicki@agricommodities.net)
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: Variety of bulk animal feed such as loose soy hulls, soy hull pellets, DDG, corn gluten pellets, wheat midds, etc.
  • Delivery: There is a 22- to 24-ton load minimum. Can deliver on dump trailers, hopper bottom trailers, or live bottom trailers.

Alabama Farmers Cooperative

  • Address: Locations in Decatur, Uniontown, and Columbia, Alabama
  • Phone:
    • Columbia – 334-696-8034
    • Decatur – 256-308-1705
  • Email: stacyd@alafarm.com
  • Types of feedstuffs handled:
    • Columbia – Soyhull pellets and corn gluten pellets.
    • Decatur – Soyhull pellets, corn gluten pellets, steam flaked corn, cracked corn, ground corn, wheat middlings, cottonseed hulls, dried distillers grains, complete pelleted feeds, and complete commodity mixed feeds
  • Delivery: Pickup or delivery with a 24-ton load preferred

Grain Marketing Services

  • Address: 4842 Main Street, Flora, Mississippi 39071
  • Phone: 601-879-8311
  • Email: Lapenn@grainms.com
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: No. 2 yellow corn
  • Delivery: Bulk only. Full hopper load minimum

Godfrey’s Warehouse, Inc.

  • Address:
    • Madision – 255 W. Jefferson Street, Madison, Georgia (flagship feed mill)
    • Desoto – 107 Standard Elevator Road Desoto, Georgia
  • Phone:
    • Madison – 706-342-0264
    • Desoto – 229-337-2143
  • Email: brian@godfreysfeed.com
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: Corn by-products, soy by-products, cotton by-products, and other feed ingredients. The Desoto location handles the same ingredients but can also mix feedstuffs for a total mixed ration.
  • Delivery: Call for specifics. Delivers full truckload and less than truckload lots.

Hansen Mueller Grain Company

  • Address: 126 First Ave. West, Alabaster, Alabama 35007
  • Phone: 800-388-7894
  • Fax: 205-663-5107
  • Email: jeremy@hansenmueller.com
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: Corn, corn gluten pellets, corn screenings, dried distillers’ grains, and peanut hull pellets. More ingredients available upon request. Call for current availability.
  • Delivery: 21-ton truckload minimum

Hillsboro Gin and Feed Company, LLC

  • Address: 14934 Alabama Hwy 20, West Hillsboro, Alabama 35643
  • Phone: 256-637-2309
  • Website: www.hillsborofeedco.com
  • Email: hillsborogin@gmail.com
  • Type of feedstuffs handled: Custom mixtures for cattle, horses, pigs, goats, and chickens. Bag feed available. Feed mixing available, with a mixing fee and a minimum of 2 tons.
  • Delivery: Delivery is available via auger truck with a 3-ton minimum and a charge for delivery. Call for details.

J & R Feed Service

  • Address: 100 8th St NE, Cullman, Alabama
  • Phone: 256-734-1582
  • Email: ij202@bellsouth.net
  • Type of feedstuffs handled: Corn, corn screenings, corn gluten feed, dried distillers’ grains, soybean hulls, beet pulp, cottonseed hulls, cottonseed meal, whole cottonseed, soybean meal, oats, wheat, and wheat middlings. Call for most current availability. Feed mixing available.
  • Delivery: Delivery available. Contact for details.

Cotton Gins

Black Belt Gin Inc.

  • Address: 3909 AL Hwy 14 W, Selma, Alabama 36703
  • Phone: 334-874-7850
  • Email:
  • Type of feedstuffs handled: Whole cottonseed and gin trash. Pick up or delivery. Call for price.
  • Delivery: Delivery is available. Contact for details.

Cherokee Gin

  • Address: 6000 US Highway 411N, Centre, Alabama 35960
  • Phone: 256-927-3434
  • Email:
  • Website: www.cherokeegin.com
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: Whole cottonseed and baled gin trash with plastic strapping.
  • Delivery: Cottonseed is pick up only. Baled gin trash is pick up or delivery within a 5-mile radius. Call for details.

Henry County Gin

  • Address: 262 County Road 12, Headland, Alabama 36345
  • Phone: 334-889-4555
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: All cotton byproducts.
  • Delivery: No delivery. Pick up only.

Milstead Gin

Monroe Co. Gin Company Inc.

  • Address: 15349 HWY 21 South Uriah, Alabama 36480
  • Phone:
    • Office – 251-862-2525
    • Cell – 251-564-4038
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: Cottonseed.
  • Delivery: Delivery available.

Rainbow Gin Company, Inc.

  • Address: 79242, US Highway 278, Blountsville, Alabama
  • Phone: 205-429-3612
  • Email: rainbowg@otelco.net
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: Cottonseed and gin trash (feed and mulch grade).
  • Delivery: No delivery. Pickup only.

Wiregrass Gin

  • Address: 905 W Cook Road, Taylor, Alabama 36301
  • Phone: 334-702-4926
  • Email: allen.wiregrassgin@gmail.com
  • Types of feedstuffs handled: Whole cottonseed and gin trash.
  • Delivery: No delivery. Pickup only.