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Alabama 4-H Poultry Project

The 4-H Poultry Project is a long-term project with monthly meetings for members of all skill levels. They learn how to care for and raise a poultry flock, show personal growth and knowledge gained through showmanship, make good decisions about their flock’s nutrition and health, excel at biosecurity and food safety, participate in team and individual activities, and demonstrate record-keeping skills and profitability through table egg or hatching egg production.


In general, all 4-H members are expected to meet the following standards each year. These are the minimum requirements. Your particular county or club may have additional requirements.

  • be enrolled in 4-H through 4-H Online
  • pay the fee associated with your county or region’s 4-H Poultry Project
  • attend 80 percent or more of the monthly meetings
  • raise a poultry flock
  • attend your local poultry show or county fair
  • enter other 4-H poultry or related activities
  • compete your Alabama 4-H Poultry Project Record Book

Poultry Project Curriculum Materials