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Egg Cookery is a cooking demonstration where 4-H members acquire knowledge of quality standards, size classification, nutritional value, preparation and storage, functional properties, versatility, and economic value of eggs.


The purpose of Egg Cookery is

  • to develop and demonstrate leadership and communication skills
  • to acquire knowledge of quality standards
  • to develop creative skills in the preparation, use, and serving of eggs
  • to learn to enjoy eggs as a food
  • to use sound nutritional knowledge when planning meals

Scoring Factors

The program content should include an introduction, general nutrition information, knowledge of eggs, summary of main points, and response to judges’ questions. Participants should be neatly and appropriately dressed, with hair neat and restrained, hands and nails clean, and no distracting jewelry. Delivery should be taken into consideration including voice projection, confidence, and speaking ease. Include appropriate and useful visuals to enhance the demonstration. Participants should also be aware of sensory appeal, health aspects, and include a correctly written recipe.

Download a PDF of Egg Cookery Rules for Participation, 4HYD-2306.



View all of the Alabama 4-H Egg Cookery videos on the Alabama Extension YouTube channel.

Cooking Club Series

Register now for the Egg Cookery cooking club series! Participants will have the opportunity to meet via Zoom once a month starting October 12. Show off your cooking skills, learn about careers in food and poultry science, and prepare for the 4-H Egg Cookery Contest. Alabama 4-H will supply participants with a mystery recipe and ingredient at the start of each month to complete the dish. Reach out to your county 4-H agent for more information.


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