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An image of a storm-damaged barn with the following text: Navigating Natural Disasters: A Guide for Agricultural Producers

Agricultural producers face unique challenges when it comes to navigating natural disasters. From livestock and row crops to barns and other structures, farmers, ranchers, and forestland owners have a great deal to consider as they prepare for the unimaginable. Navigating Natural Disasters: A Guide for Agricultural Producers is a video series that guides producers through some of the basic considerations they need to address before and leading up to an emergency event or crisis.


These videos cover natural disaster preparation and recovery topics related to livestock, poultry, food safety, financial assistance, community, and mental health. There is also a video that shares the story of a farming family who experienced multiple disaster events on their property.

Agricultural Disaster Assistance Programs

Agriculture isn’t immune to hurricanes, storms, wind, and rain. The losses can be staggering if your farm takes a direct hit during the wrong time in the growing season. There are some steps farmers can take before and after storms to minimize their risks and help them recover. In this video, Alabama Extension expert Adam Rabinowitz talks about available disaster assistance programs for the agriculture industry.


Caring for Cattle After the Storm

When a storm passes, your first thought should be caution and safety for your family instead of your livestock. However, when it is safe, there are several steps you need to take to care for your cattle after the storm. In this video, Alabama Extension expert Soren Rodning provides information on those steps.


Creating a Livestock Evacuation Plan

People are often told to evacuate when faced with hurricanes or tornadoes. For livestock, however, evacuating is easier said than done. This is why producers must have a farm emergency plan at the ready. In this video, Alabama Extension expert Kim Mullenix talks about the important aspects to creating a livestock evacuation plan.


Disaster Preparation for Livestock Operations

Hurricanes and tornadoes can devastate farms in the South, and the threat is growing. As ocean temperatures rise, the storms are getting stronger. This makes farm disaster preparedness even more essential for proper livestock management. In this video, Alabama Extension experts Kim Mullenix and Soren Rodning talk about the many aspects of preparing for a disaster.


Evaluating Poultry Houses After the Storm

After a storm passes, it is possible that you may have physical damage to your poultry houses. The first order of business is to visually inspect the houses to make sure they are structurally sound. Remember, don’t risk your safety on behalf of the birds. In this video, Alabama Extension expert Dennis Brothers provides information on what to look for when evaluating poultry houses after a storm.


Evaluating Your Backup Power System

Rain, fire, wind, and ice are all events that can dramatically affect your poultry production business. No matter your operation, a safe and secure flock is a mainstay for your livelihood. Part of protecting your flock is having a well-maintained backup power system. In this video, Alabama Extension expert Dennis Brothers goes through the steps to evaluating your backup power system.


Food Safety for Flooded Food Crops

One of the greatest obligations that farmers have is to provide safe and healthy food to their communities. Whether it be farmers that have a direct relationship with people or a contract grower that ships fresh produce, customers trust that what farmers bring to them is safe enough for them and their families to eat. In this video, Alabama Extension expert Camila Rodrigues shares a few tips on how to keep you and your customers safe when the next disaster strikes.


Recovering From a Storm: Adam Wilson’s Story

In Alabama, severe weather can change the landscape of farming operations that producers hold near and dear in a matter of minutes. Adam Wilson of Wilson Farms is a fourth-generation farmer, and in 2018, his farm was forever changed. In this video, Wilson talks about that day and the experiences that he and his family had as they navigated the effects of this natural disaster.


Thinking About Your Community While Navigating Extreme Weather Events

Each year, farmers experience extreme weather and natural disasters. These weather events cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage each year. Preparing your farm for these events is important. In this video, Alabama Extension expert Kelli Russell shares information on how to ensure that your family, farm, and community are ready when the next natural disaster strikes.