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Corey Dudley in a wooded enclosure with goats behind him.

Corey Dudley was nominated Goat Farmer of the Year for the Hale County Farm City. For the past three years, Dudley has raised registered Savanna goats. Currently, he has nine does and two bucks and plans to grow his herd to around 25 animals.

Farm Operations

In 2022, Dudley had success in increasing his foraging operations while reducing his dependency on grain supplements. The farm-debt crisis increased medicine and grain costs, which led him to improve forage production. As a result, he was able to control parasites in his herd and reduce costs for medicine and grain. In the future, he plans to further improve forage production and plant the forage crop lespedeza.

Dudley also hopes to improve his time trimming the hooves of his animals. This year, he added a goat stand, shade shelters, solar electric fencing, and an Anatolian shepherd to control coyotes and stray dogs and to keep goats away from the fence lines.

Community Impacts

Dudley enjoys being a community leader and sharing his knowledge about raising Savanna goats in the Greensboro area. In the future, he hopes to see less importation of goat products from other countries and more goat production in the United States.