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Ayanava Majumdar, Assistant Director for Grants and Program Development

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. — The Alabama Cooperative Extension System continues its commitment to supporting and educating the people of Alabama with the hiring of Ayanava Majumdar as the assistant director for grant and program development. Majumdar began his role Jan. 1.

Looking Forward

Majumdar is no stranger to Alabama Extension. Since 2008, he has served as an Alabama Extension professor and entomologist. His most recognizable programs include Beginning Farmer and its offshoot, the Operation Grow program. Through his educational programs, Majumdar has extensive experience with grant writing, planning and execution.

Majumdar said he is excited about his new role, which will integrate grant and funding development with program planning. This will further support a wide range of Extension projects from the ground up.

“Collaboration within Extension teams across multiple colleges and campuses — along with meaningful partnerships with community members — is key to our success,” Majumdar said. “This is a holistic, 21st-century approach to Extension that ties directly to the Alabama Extension Strategic Plan.”

Support for Campus and Field Faculty

Alabama Extension Associate Director Paul Brown said in this new and expanded position, Majumdar will support campus and field faculty in program evaluation, program development and grant proposal development.

“This will enable Extension to better document the impact of our work to stakeholders and to secure new resources that will grow programs,” Brown said.

In addition to campus and in-field support, Majumdar will provide leadership and support to program teams in their yearly plan-of-work development. He will also serve as a grant liaison to federal and state agencies, while assisting principal investigators in the development of effective and fundable extramural proposals.

More Information

Learn more about the Alabama Extension Strategic Plan by visiting www.aces.edu.