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Alabama 4-H member participating in class at Science School

The Alabama 4-H Science School curriculum grid provides a snapshot of what we teach.

Growing Alabama’s Future: Alabama 4-H seeks to empower youth with the skills to lead our communities, our state, our nation, and our world. Alabama 4-H will reflect the population demographics, vulnerable populations, diverse needs, and social conditions of the state.

Grid Key

Delivery Modes: CL=Clubs, IS=In School, E=Enrichment, CP=Camping

4-H Curriculum–Alabama 4-H Science School

Alabama 4-H Supported Curriculum/ResourcesProgram DesciptionSuggested Ages
4-H Summer CampTeaches campers how to safely enjoy sports and the outdoors, team-building skills, and camp traditions. (CP)9–14
Counselor In Training (CIT)This program is specifically targeted to reach 15-17 year old youth with a desire to one day become a camp counselor. (CP)15–17
Camp CounselorsA full summer camp counselor program once the youth turn 18 that involves our best and brightest in all aspects of 4-H Summer Camp operations. Camp counselors receive pay as well as room and board.18+
Alabama 4-H Science SchoolTeaches youth environmental education through outdoor adventures and science classes (1-3 day programs). Classes are correlated with the Alabama Course of Study in the areas of Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Language Arts, and Math. (CL, IS, CP)7–18
Herp JourneyTeaches participants about Alabama's native species of reptiles and amphibians through live animal interpretation. (CL, IS, E, CP)5–18
Raptor TrekTeaches youth about Alabama's native species of raptors and their conservation challenges through live animal interpretation. (CL, IS, E, CP)5–18
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