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Dianna Adams, Marshall County 4-H Volunteer 
“What I love about 4-H is that it is for ALL students! 4-H brings the world to our students in our club meetings by introducing them to different aspects of our environment and how things work together. I love that 4-H encourages kids and families to work together on projects that enhance life skills and make lifelong memories. 4-H is preparing and inspiring our students to be their best. 4-H is investing in our future!” – Dianna Adams, Marshall County 4-H Volunteer

4.5K Volunteers | 1.1K Community 4-H Clubs | 109.7K 4-Hers Served by Volunteers | 92.4K Volunteer Hours | $2.76M Economic Impact

Revised May 2023, Alabama 4-H Volunteer Annual Report, 4HYD-2404

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