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Alabama 4-H at Auburn University Summer Camp in 2023

Empowering Youth, Building Communities

Alabama 4-H members posing for a picture at a wooden, circus-themed photo booth.Youth Participation

  • 1,318 youths from all 67 counties attended 9 sessions of camp
  • 43 older youths attended as counselors in training

Scholarship Support

  • $30k+ raised to send 300+ first-time campers to camp

Benefits for Campers

Personal Growth

Campers aged 9–13 experience personal growth, resilience, confidence, and independence through traditional camp programs.

Skill Development

Opportunities are available for social development, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Community Connection

Lasting friendships are formed, fostering a love for nature and outdoor exploration.

Alabama 4-H members surrounded by foam at summer camp.Camp Impacts Youth Health & Well-Being

  • Addresses screen time concerns by providing outdoor recreation and hands-on learning experiences, promoting healthy habits and active lifestyles.
  • Nurtures resilience and adaptability as youth navigate new challenges and environments.
  • Fosters holistic development of youth—mind, body, and spirit —amidst societal mental health challenges and social isolation.

Broader Public Benefit

Community Well-Being

Provides safe and enriching environments for youth during the summer, alleviating childcare concerns for families.

Environmental Stewardship

Emphasizes outdoor education and promotes conservation efforts, fostering a connection to nature.

Alabama 4-H members playing a game at summer camp.Character Development

Equips youth with essential life skills and character, fostering responsible citizenship.

Economic Impact

Employs local staff and utilizes community resources, contributing to the local economy and fostering community pride.

Future Endeavors

  • Continued efforts to provide affordable options and scholarships for all youth.
  • Expansion of programs to reach more youth and communities across Alabama.
  • Promotion of environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles in youth development initiatives.

Visit www.alabama4h.com for more information.


Revised June 2024, Alabama 4-H Summer Camp Annual Report, 4HYD-2409

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