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Alabama 4-H at Auburn University Gardening Education

Alabama 4-H at Auburn University Gardening Education in 2023

Growing Future Farmers, Gardeners & an Agriculturally Literate Community

Alabama 4-H engaged 19,302 youths with hands-on gardening experiences where they learned about plant propagation, growth, and development while growing healthy food for themselves, family, and the community.

  • 72% learned firsthand about the food we consume and how it is grown
  • 70% understand the importance of agriculture and agricultural literacy
  • 80% understand that agriculture and gardening supports a healthy environment
  • 74% learn responsibility by caring for their own plants by watering from seed to harvest

123,300 Young People in Alabama 4-H

4-H is in every Alabama county.

  • 8,921 YOUTHS have the opportunity to learn about gardening at the Alabama 4-H Center
  • 2,426 YOUTHS participated in 4-H Grows
  • 1,419 YOUTHS participated in Junior Master Gardener
  • 6,391 YOUTHS participated in other gardening projects

The Bottom Line

4-H engages youth in gardening so that they can enjoy it as a rewarding hobby or pursue a career in agriculture and learn to be environmental stewards.

Visit www.alabama4h.com for more information.


Doyle KeasalExtension 4-H Program Specialist, Auburn University

Revised April 2024, Alabama 4-H Gardening Education Annual Report, 4HYD-2249

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